Knoblick Tower LO

I started this forever ago and asked my FB scrappy friends for input a few months ago, and finally finished it recently. Liz gave me the final idea for the flower/tag configuration. :-) Thank you Lizette!!!

YAWYK Count: 18/2010

13) 1 sheet orange pp
14) 1 journaling tag
15-17) 3 silk flowers
18) pearl brad


Takeoff x2 LO

Another one from my college Europe trip. (Trying to finish it off before I tackle our Wyoming trip.) 2 pics from our 2 takeoffs on the way there… The airplane is a bit cutesy, but I like it here. I did alter it, though, since the original didn’t work for me.



YAWYK Count: 12/2010

7) 1 sheet white cs
8) blue tile pp
9) journaling index card
10) airplane charm
11-12) white plastic swirlie thingies


Not sure if this is possible in 5 months…

I don’t remember how I stumbled across this, but between my new scrap space, and annual summer decluttering urge, it was only natural I wanted to join in.  Basically, the author of “You Are What You Keep,” is trying to simplify her life by purging 2010 items in 2010.  While my house could probably stand to shed that much poundage, I decided my scrap space needed its very own purge.

Here are my basic rules.  Anytime I get rid of an item, I count it towards my total. I can “get rid of” something by…

1) using it up.
2) passing it on.
3) tossing it out.

What counts as an item?

1) anything removed from packaging is counted individually (e.g., I have any and all heart-shaped items stored in a jar just for heart-shaped items.  :-)  Anytime I use one, even if it came in a package of 10, I’m going to count it as one item.)  The packaging is long gone, and if that’s the case, it’s been around for years, and I’ve probably already used at least 50% of the original product.  Time to blow through the dregs!
2) anything that is stored with its “kin,” has to be used up completely or tossed.  (e.g., I have a rough rule of 75% usage on alphabet stickers.  So if I create a title with stickers, but there are still enough letters to justify putting it back in my stash, I won’t count it towards my purge.  But if I use up enough that I can toss the sheet, then I’ll count it as one item.)
3) scraps large enough to be stored with my 12×12 papers, count as an item.  (i.e., if it’s from my scrap folder, it doesn’t count.  If it gets put back in with my papers, I don’t count it, but if it gets put in my scrap folder or the remains are trashed, it counts.)

What if I buy something?  (Yeah, I will.)  Even in the middle of such an ambitious purge.  I already have, in fact.  LOL  So, those items will cancel out items I’ve purged. Motivation to keep the shopping to a minimum, and to ramp up the exodus.

Finally, I reserve the right to count stuff off any layouts completed this year. :-) If I haven’t posted them, and I made them in 2010, they’ll be included in the count.

Including my first purge post and my latest layout, here is the current count:

1) Pink scallop circle punch
2) Circle tab punch
3) Pack of chipboard embellies
4) Weathered ABC stamps
5) Filigree ABC stamps

Retreat Recharge Regroup Refocus LO:
6) large pp scrap
7) 1 sheet brown cs
8) journaling index card

-8) aqua deco tape
-7) $ stamp

YAWYK Scrap Challenge:  6/2010

Eek!  I better get crackin’!