Are you a theme scrapper?

Do you scrap primarily by theme? For example, if you have photos from your daughter’s birthday party, do you reach for birthday papers, or do you think, “Oooh, I know just the collection/manufacturer for these!” Or skip all of that and just go off the colors?

I do like my papers to work well with the colors of the pictures. I find it makes the design more cohesive and, frankly, easier to look at. However, first and foremost, I look at my themed supplies to see if any of those will work, THEN I focus on the colors. I very rarely, if ever, think of a specific collection or manufacturer. So for me, I organize primarily by theme; when no theme is present, I sort by color.

I started looking at the calendar year–the seasons and holidays. Then I looked at any broad categories I had left. Several very specific themes got lumped together as they either related, the collections overlapped with multiple themes, or I just didn’t have very much in that category. Here is where I ended up (so far! Theme categories seem constantly subject to change. LOL):

  • Winter/New Year’s/Valentine’s Day/Love
  • Spring/Easter/St. Pat’s. Summer/Patriotic
  • Fall/Thanksgiving
  • Halloween (I have a lot of this one LOL)
  • Disney
  • Baby/Kids/Boy/Girl
  • School/Family Activities/Travel
  • Birthday
  • Home/Family/Pets/Hobbies
  • Month-In-Review/Calendar
  • Nature/Camping/Farm/Zoo

So, do you scrap by theme? Why or why not? If you do, are your categories similar to mine?


Organize with Me! Journaling Card Edition

Hi, everyone! Hope you’re doing well. :) Today I’m sharing another organization video, this time sorting my collection of pocket-style or cut-apart journaling cards. How do you sort yours? Is your collection small or large compared to mine?