Stamp Re-Organization, Continued–Part 2/???

Ughhhhh, stamps. 😫 I started the great purge and re-organization of my clear and cling foam-mounted rubber stamps a month or so ago. It is taking longer than I’d like, but progress has been made! In this video, you’ll see me do a lot of stamp cleaning, but also *envelope* cleaning 🤔 . Next time, I hope to get to show you my new indexing system and labels! (I’m also sporting a new thumbnail and intro music–‘Oh My’ by Patrick Patrikios–what do you think?)

Goals, Organization & Storage, Scrapbooking

Always Re-organizing…


I can never seem to get my space right. And I can tell, because it looks like this:

Things aren’t easy to put away, so then I pile it up, and I don’t have a good workflow where I hold myself accountable for cleaning before creating. I shop more than I create and supplies no longer fit where they should.

My stuff has never been properly organized since we moved in the summer of 2019. I really thought I packed decently, and thought I unpacked decently, but in reality, I needed time in my new space to really figure things out. I’ve finally figured out that it’s more important for me to have a functional space that holds everything than a “pretty” one that spreads my stuff hither thither and yon, so I’m giving that a big ol’ go and we’ll see where we go from here. Because it truly never ends.