Nail Art

Introducing…Nail Art!

I’m branching out a little–not too much, though. ;) It’s still all about getting creative with color, and being distracted from life by pretty things right at my fingertips. This time, however, it’s nail polish, not papercrafting! I won’t be abandoning scrapbooking or cardmaking anytime soon, but sometimes I have stuff to say about my latest obsession of nail polish, so might as well use the tools already at my disposal to share. :)

First up, I wanted to introduce the Nail Art Wheels of Possibilities!

created by InCollage

Similar in concept to the Scrapbooking Wheel of Goodies, I made some nail art-specific wheels, with ideas for themes, colors, formulas, techniques, and tools to try when you’re stuck figuring out your next manicure. Give them a spin and let me know what you think! You can visit them all here (be sure to scroll down!).