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Christmas Door Card

Because I don’t know what else to call this! LOL So…on these cards, can I just say–WHAT.THE.HECK. How do you use these?? I first tried running it through an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock, cut in half, and lining up the die to make 2 cuts that you adhere together. Don’t do this. It doesn’t work. It ends up with you wasting at least 20 card bases because they don’t line up correctly and aren’t rescue-able.

Next, I tried something similar with 12×12 cardstock cut in half. I don’t think this is necessary, the 8.5 x 11 would have been plenty, but I did eventually figure out that they needed to be folded just beyond the edge of the die. However, this isn’t foolproof, either, as I repeatedly found out. Seriously, out of 24 cards, I had only 6 usable bases. :(

The most frustrating part of the whole experience was the utter lack of directions. Not a paper insert, nothing printed on the package, not even a QR code to a video, or a mention of the Sizzix website, nothin.’ :(

I love how these turn out, and I saved all the teeny tiny pieces I had previously cut to be used in the future, but in general, I don’t think I would wish this die on my worst enemy!

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DIY Day and Month Stickers

Quite awhile ago, there was a new kit or collection that I was absolutely stuck on. Has that ever happened to you? I was dreaming about it, itching to hit buy. But it wasn’t in the budget for the month, and I knew it would be sold out by the time I could purchase it. So, I counterfeited it! I made my own version, using my stash and tools.

There were some cute puffy stickers in the kit.  Mine weren’t puffy, but oh, well, those tend to disintegrate over time, anyway, so I don’t really want them in my books.  I popped these with foam tape underneath and they are still super cute.

  1. First I matched up some days and month stamps to punched circles from coordinating scraps.  (You’ll notice the full day and month doesn’t fit–the originals used only three letter abbreviations on each sticker, and I intended to recreate that.)

2. I selectively inked up the first three letters of each day and month and heat embossed those letters in white on each circle.  To save my fingers as I hit it with the heat gun, I stuck the circles on a strip of post-it tape instead of trying to hold them.


3. And, for the big finale–there is no third step!! :D That was it–super easy.  All from scraps and reusable items.  LOVE IT.  

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Sparkle and Shine Christmas Card

I have a background die that cuts tiny holes as a gentle snowfall… This time, I cut it through plastic (you can buy cheap plastic binder dividers from Dollar Tree for this trick!), and then was able to use it with different shades of ink to make snow falling over the city. Some lovely silver heat embossing really added some shine.