Cheap & Green

Most Efficient Way to Cut 5″ x 7″ Mats for Scrapbooking & Cardmaking

Ever sailed into chopping up a piece of paper, and before you knew it, you’d cut only part of what you needed, but were out of usable pieces? I’ve done it so many times, and it is so frustrating to waste so much or, then, not have enough to complete a project. So today I’m sharing the best way to cut 5” x 7” pieces for your scrapbooking or cardmaking to save you money, time, and product! Instructions and free printable below the video!

  1. Mark sheet at 5” mark, rotate and repeat until you have marked all four sides at the 5” mark.
  2. Use a straight edge to draw down from the 5” mark 7”.  Repeat for all four sides.
  3. Cut on lines.
  4. Results:
    *Four 5” x 7” pieces
    *One 2” x 2” scrap
  1. Cut entire 8½” x 11” sheet at the 7” wide mark.
  2. Cut remaining 7” x 11” block at the 5” then 10” marks.
  3. Results: 
    *Two 5” x 7” pieces
    *One 1½” x 11” scrap
    *One 1” x 7” scrap

2022 Scrappy Wishlist

I’m aiming to be chilly again this year–not on a buying freeze, but not just wantonly purchasing whatever I want, whenever, either. So right now, here are some of my goals and my purchasing plans. None of these links are affiliate links, just for my memory!

*paper shaping tools so I can make batches of upcycled paper flowers

*Might be switching to 8.5 x 11 scrapbooking! Or at least doing my children’s school albums in this size.

*Replacing my D-Ring albums with postbound to save storage space with the 12×12 albums I already own. Want to use extensions in them as I get them, to double their capacity, but will probably stop there so they don’t get too wobbly.

*Some basic foil dies when I can find them on uber clearance since I scored a barely-used Spellbinders Glimmer hot foil system secondhand!

*Investigating a steel rule die to cut a stitched A2 card base so I can upcycle more easily, and thus, more often!


Simple Christmas Cards

Just wasn’t feeling anything too complicated this year. It is 2020, after all. ;) But I think I came up with some cute Christmas cards that used my stash, were fun to make, and will be fun to receive. <3


7 Ways to Make your Scrapbooking More Sustainable

It is important and necessary to explore how we can increase the sustainability of our habits and hobbies and reduce any possible negative environmental impact.  That said, it can also be overwhelming.  


Meaningful change can happen even when it’s imperfect.  We just need lots of people to try!  To that end, here are a few easy-to-implement changes I hope you’ll consider! (Items bolded can be seen in the layout above.)

*Recycle packaging and scraps that are larger than your fist (but not smaller!  Here’s why…)

*Save smaller scraps to punch or die cut small shapes from (The hearts were punched and die cut from scraps.)

*Purchase single sheets instead of collection packs to reduce packaging waste

*Use cutaway strips for banners, borders, or small label embellishments (The long red polka dot banner on the left was a cutaway strip along the bottom of another piece of paper.)

*Shop secondhand–LSS Garage Sales, Facebook Marketplace or resale groups, Swaps at crops, thrift stores, etc.

*Gut cardstock when using a whole sheet–but not needing the whole sheet–such as when matting a layout (I cut out a big piece from the center of the hot pink cardstock that I matted the pink paint paper on and used it to mat the photos!)

*Reuse containers and items from around the house as supply storage

What do you think? Later on, I’ll share Levels Two and Three, in case these are already second nature to you!  <3