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Merry Christmas!

I owe you all so many posts!  His 6th and 7th Month updates (with his 8th month ones just a week away…!), our Christmas adventures (we’ve tried to do one Christmasy thing each day this month), and maybe, just maybe, some scrappiness.  But right now, living life is taking up all my time so I have none left in which to document life…  Maybe someday, when Bubby is 4 and plays by himself.  lol



Until then…!  Here’s his precious first Santa photo, complete with hiked up sweater and jeans.  It was a candid, shot as soon as he was plopped on Santa’s lap, and even though I straightened up his clothing right after, this was still our very favorite shot, it was so cute and perfect for his first time seeing the big dude.