Well, I’m just bouncing around all over the place…

It all started a little over a year ago, I guess?  Trashed my blogspot blog.   Then stopped visiting message boards, grew tired of Tumblr, eventually shut down my Twitter, and most recently, eviscerated my Facebook.  And Flickr’s next!  Just done, tired of spreading myself around, and would rather share whatever I feel like sharing here in my own little corner.   Still own the domain, but decided to save on server space and try this out.  So far, so good!  Not positive about the theme choice yet, but that’s what living is for, trying stuff out and seeing what happens!  Not sure if I will have a posting “schedule” per se, or just wing it.  I kind of like winging it, but then I have great stretches of nothingness, too.  :-)

At any rate, school’s out, and in between digging myself out from the past year and prepping for the next, I am planning on blogging sometime, too.  Speaking of school, one of my last ‘real’ projects from this year:

Sunny Beach Watercolor
A watercolor by one of my primary students.

Nothing too new to report.  I haven’t done a list for a while, let’s try that:

  • officially licensed foster parents, but no placements yet.
  • one of our friends will become a naturalized US citizen tomorrow!  She’s worked on this for so long!
  • concert this weekend, so excited, will try to share pics.
  • glad our a/c works again.
  • planning on scrapbooking and napping today.  Oh, and maybe some laundry.  Whoo, right?