2022 Scrappy Wishlist

I’m aiming to be chilly again this year–not on a buying freeze, but not just wantonly purchasing whatever I want, whenever, either. So right now, here are some of my goals and my purchasing plans. None of these links are affiliate links, just for my memory!

*paper shaping tools so I can make batches of upcycled paper flowers

*Might be switching to 8.5 x 11 scrapbooking! Or at least doing my children’s school albums in this size.

*Replacing my D-Ring albums with postbound to save storage space with the 12×12 albums I already own. Want to use extensions in them as I get them, to double their capacity, but will probably stop there so they don’t get too wobbly.

*Some basic foil dies when I can find them on uber clearance since I scored a barely-used Spellbinders Glimmer hot foil system secondhand!

*Investigating a steel rule die to cut a stitched A2 card base so I can upcycle more easily, and thus, more often!

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Christmas Cards I Received!

I got permission to share some of the Christmas cards I received as part of a swap. It is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season each year. Hopefully you will get some ideas for your next round of cardmaking!

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3 Last Minute Gift Tags

using beginner ink-blending techniques! <3 So easy an elf can do it! ;)

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2021 Christmas Card Share

I made a nice little stash of cards this year (although far fewer than I’d planned on! 😅), using dies, stamping, a clearance find card stack paper pad, and a clearance card kit. Do you like to make Christmas cards? Or do you send cards this time of year at all?

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Updated Scrappy Space Tour

Today I’m sharing a tour of my scrappy nook in our family room! Since my space is in the open, I tuck away as much as I can behind doors, in drawers, and my raskog to minimize obvious clutter (although you’ll see all the raw, unfiltered, messiness lurking behind every door 😉 and maybe a random sock 😂).

I don’t have a full-on scrapbook room, but I have worked hard to maximize the space I do have, while still having a little breathing room. I am always re-evaluating my systems and my stash, trying to decide what to keep and downsize so my creative process is as seamless and enjoyable as possible. And I get distracted by creating and pulled away from the organizational projects, so a lot of my systems are in constant flux! But hopefully this tour will

a) give you some ideas for organizing your own scrapbooking stash,

b) show you that your space doesn’t have to be PERFECT to be functional and enjoyable, and

c) alleviate any guilt you ever have when you see all those immaculate “aspirational” spaces on social media.

Next week I’m planning to have a Christmas card share! 🎄 Have a good week.

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Organize your clear stamps with me!

Come grab your stamps and hang out with me while we go through our current stamp collection and whittle it down. Look for duplicates, crossovers, or stamps that are no longer your style and pull them out. Set them aside to sell, donate, or give away. Then re-sort your remaining stamps into broad categories like:

  • travel
  • floral
  • cards
  • alphabets
  • journaling
  • animals
  • food
  • Christmas
  • seasons
  • indoors
  • outdoors
  • hobbies
  • kids
  • icons

Consider how you might green up the process–what can you reuse, recycle, or upcycle? Next we’ll clean our stamps and start making labels!