Current No-Buy List

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If I have a lot of some scrappy something–OR tools that can make more of that something–then that item goes on my No-Buy List. This list was most recently updated on March 1, 2022!

Alphabet Stickers

This means Thickers, regular stickers, rub-ons, etc. Not only do I have dozens already, I have enough dies and stamps, through old school steel rule dies to recent Freckled Fawn to make pretty much anything I want. I’m good.

Alphabet Stamps

Related to this–I don’t need anymore alpha stamps. I had originally placed alphabet dies on this list, but realized I really enjoy sticking my letters on, much less stressful than stamping them on.

Ribbon, Fibers, Floss, & now Twine!

I originally left twine off this list, but now it is firmly ensconced. I don’t need anymore fibers, period. Sure, I don’t have the rainbow in every category, but I also don’t neeeeeeed that.

Any Size Paper Pads or Collection Packs

I have four cubes+ (update–I now have only 3 cubes!) full of paper. I know I was happiest when I had *one* cube full of paper. I won’t commit to banning single sheets yet, so I still have some outlet. 😉


I have four drawers (update, now down to just 3 drawers!) just for punches! They’re small drawers, but still! Pretty sure I can make whatever I need or want with them.

General Dies & Stamps

I just have so many in both categories, that I have never even played with yet. No need to buy more when I have brand new stash still to explore! I recently purged so many stamps and am still overwhelmed. Onto the no-buy list it goes!

Minimalism is not about having less. It is about making room for more of what matters.