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Lincoln Park LO

On 2Peas, someone remarked how they write a little note on the back of each layout they complete.  Something completely unrelated to the layout, but about the moment it was finished, along the lines of, “It’s a rainy Saturday, you and Dad just returned from the movies, and we’re having game night tonight.”  Kind of bonus memory-keeping, if you will.  She imagines that one day her kids will notice it, and have a great time flipping through all the layouts, finding her little notes, and reminiscing.  I love that, and I plan on doing that from now on.  I think I might do it with my blog posts, too.  So my aside for today:  It’s a gorgeous day for November, I’m on bedrest with Baby Beanette, and am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving, just the 3.5 of us, later this week.

Lincoln Park LO by VexedAngel

This is the danger of waiting too long to scrap photos…  I loved the pictures, but baby brain ensured I couldn’t remember where we were (And Ali, if you’re reading this, and I’m wrong, don’t tell me, I can’t re-do it now! lol), so had to do serious recon work to figure it out.  And I probably had enough to say that I could have made a 2 page layout with some extensive journaling, but let the design part get to me and I crammed a couple sentences onto some journaling spots and called it done. :-/  But you know my philosophy, done is done, and I can always add more journaling to the back.

Lincoln Park Close-up, LO by VexedAngel

I actually really like how this layout turned out.  I used some older MM paper, I figured a travel line was appropriate for, you know, traveling…  And I like how the collage patterned paper makes it look like I did a bit more work than I remotely actually did.  I went with arrows as my embellishment of choice (get it, stroll through…  travel… motion…  arrows… eh, I think it works).  Between this and one I’ve been working on for the duration of my bedrest (3 weeks now), I will have seriously depleted my arrow embellishment stash (wait ’til you see it, I think it’s turning out fun!).  Good thing Silhouette’s having their Black Friday shape sale, I’ve got a 12 arrow set on my wishlist so I can replenish. :-) I liked that I made a good dent in my letter sticker stash, too.  Then I used a strip of patterned paper over some Studio Calico scalloped woodgrain tissue border–I love that tissue stuff, so cool-looking (even though I practically buried it on this layout), and a fun texture.  TFL!

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Let’s Go to the Park LO

If these photos look familiar, that’s because I blogged about this trip here.  I scrapbooked it a couple of months later, and am finally getting around to posting that!  (I used an Allison Davis sketch, but can’t remember which one, now…  Sorry.  But they’re all fabulous, so go use any of them!)

The sun and clouds are Silhouette shapes–the clouds were originally all regular puffy clouds, but I used the knife tool and sliced off the bottoms on some for the more current flat-bottomed cloud look…  I was really excited about my paper mixing for this layout, although now I wish I would have used 2 sheets of that teal Bo Bunny double dot paper for the background, instead of the white.  Oh, well, not redoing it now!!

Final favorite detail?  I got to use a few more of my favorite alphabet stickers of all time (I only got 1 pack before they were discontinued, too, boo!).  The “franken-k” is made up of a cut-apart “h” and “x.”  I don’t think you could tell if I hadn’t told you that…  I hope not, anyway, I plan on doing that until I’ve used every last letter in that pack. :-(  TFL!

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Hushabye LO

We did lots of rocking you to sleep.  Lots and lots and lots.  And I loved it.  :-)  So much that here is the second layout (and ending with “-abye” too, just for good measure, ha) featuring your sweet sleepy self.  I especially love these pictures, unflattering angle and all, because I’m the one holding you.  Love this memory.

I scraplifted this layout from Pinterest.  I really wanted to mist some tissue paper and make those flowers, but I somehow didn’t have any white tissue paper, so subbed in the ribbon.  I wanted to try the confetti look, but I think I may have to actually buy a confetti punch.  I got bored too quickly punching holes with my CAD.  LOL  The banner flags were scraps still on my desk.  Did a little misting with a polka dot mask for the background.  If I did it again, I would have the ribbon coming onto the page from the right instead, and notch the banner end on the left.  OR I would switch the direction for the scattering of confetti and sequins.  I think those changes would make it more balanced and give it better flow…  but considering I got this done in a naptime (except the misting that I started the night before), I’m okay with it. :-)

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Rockabye LO

This was the magic anti-colic swing that enabled you to finally take naps during the day without having to be on our chests (though we still did that pretty often since we often needed a nap, too).  You had a hard time getting to sleep, and staying asleep, and when you were awake, you were often not feeling so hot at this point…  so being able to watch you sleep, peacefully, for a good stretch, made this swing worth every pretty penny it cost.  (In fact, every once in awhile, we still use it, as it holds up to 26 lbs.  I don’t think you’ll be outgrown of it before Sissy arrives in February!)

I used this sketch by Jana Eubanks. The buttons, sentiments, scalloped circle, and alpha were all from a sticker pack my friend Ali gave me when she met Bubby.  I mounted them on white cardstock since they were slightly translucent, and added 3D detailing where possible (like the stitching and banners), to dress them up.  I put a lot of banners on this layout, and used plenty of foam tape to make the layering a bit more fun.  The silver chipboard swirls were $1 at Target, and I barely made a dent in the package!  TFL. :-)

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Impromptu Peek-a-boo LO

This is a picture from our trip to the Nelson-Atkins art museum in May.  You do so well when we go out, this day was no exception.  We’d stopped in the cafe for some milk and a snack, and even though it had already been a long afternoon, you started this adorable game with us.  Side note:  I bought this kit for $3 at Big Lots, and I’ve made 2 layouts with it so far…  I shouldn’t have any problem getting a third and some cards out of the remainder.  LOVE that.

I’m all about banners and bunting lately…  It’s so easy with twine and scraps and brads…  I have a bunch of these brads with little “holders” attached to them–I think originally for ribbon?  But ribbon is way too bulky for them, and they’ve been languishing away in my stash–until twine and bunting got hot, and now I’ve got all sorts of uses for them. ;-)  All the paper is from the $3 kit, except the green and white check, it is a scrap from my very first DCWV stack, geeze, probably 7 years ago?  And the background cardstock.

Simple journaling and doodling finish off the page.  I popped the little turtle diecut (get it, a turtle?  Because of the peekaboo?  LOL) onto some cardstock then trimmed it out and doodled on it as an easy way to dress it up a bit.  I also colored over bits of the turtle that were brown to make them black to match the rest of the layout.  I used dots from punctuation from the hot pink letter stickers to make little hypens for the word peek-a-boo.

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Dinosaurs LO

Remember this post?  Here’s the layout!  I began working on this LO pretty quick after the actual trip, but ran into many many many roadblocks.  By the time I finished with it, nearly a month later, I was so sick of it I had to let it sit for awhile before I could even blog about it.  LOL

I found a free font that was similar to the exhibit title and cut it out with my silhouette.  Before I weeded the letters, I used my inking tool to get the shading to match the exhibit title, too.  I searched high and low for premade embellishments to match this line, but they were long gone from the stores.  So I found some images online and traced them to get the dinosaur and tufts of grass (Shhh…).  Some stamping and misting helped the dino and background papers match the patterned papers.

I trimmed a strip out of one of the patterned papers in the line, edged it with other strips from other papers in the collection, and even used my deco scissors!  LOL   Then I just fussy cut a few of the cute little dinos and pop-dotted them to make an interesting border treatment.  Oh, and the collage printing was even free, got a deal at Walgreen’s.  All in all, it cost about $2-3 for the whole layout.  TFL!

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Yount Family Christmas

Blast from the past…  I used this Allison Davis sketch and a mix of papers from EP and very very old DCWV.  I went on a stash-busting spree and tried to use up some very very old stickers, MM chipboard letters, and a JBS journaling card…  It’s all gotta go!

And here’s a detail shot…  I mounted the stickers on cardstock and popped a few with foam tape.  I used my trusty Sizzix to diecut a few stars and added faux stitching so it all related well to the stickers.  The cb letters were inked, and I love the velvety texture that gives!  The journaling card balanced with the design better in the horizontal orientation, so I just went with it.  :-)

And yes, I’m the dark-haired girl, and the adorable blonde cutie is my cousin Nicki.  I loved playing big sister to her at our family gatherings.  She probably got tired of it!! lol TFL!