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2-3 Minute Bedrest Scrap Sessions: A Lovely Day in the Park

I did a movie on my phone that I had originally planned on sharing here, but you can’t really edit those and I grew unmotivated to mess with it.  :-)  But I do have pics I snapped of each step of my process so everyone can get an idea of how I’ve been doing this on bedrest–without worrying that I am in anyway endangering my baby.  Those of you who are familiar with my story know how long we’ve waited, and how special the bean is, so of course I wouldn’t be up more than my doctor has told me I can be.  He lets me up 10% of my day–so all I have to do is carefully manage that time.  I keep track of meals, bathroom, shower, etc. so I know I’m not going over my limit.  So, here goes!

Step 1) In bed:  I sketched out my idea for the layout, going off memory on what pics I have waiting to be scrapped, and referring back to the picture I snapped of my kit contents on my phone.  This way, I could even notate specific supplies so my time up would be used efficiently.

Step 2) 3 minutes up after shower:  I pulled my needed supplies from my kit (took less than a minute) and spent remaining time trimming photos to be sure they would fit the space I thought they would.

Step 3) 2 minutes up after lunch:  Adhered photos.

Step 4) 3 minutes up after a RR break: Trimmed and adhered patterned paper strips.

Step 5) 2 minutes after dinner:  Skipped cutting letters with my Silhouette as I’d originally planned (it was getting late in the day at this point, and I wanted this one done!), and threw together most of a quick title block with kit contents and a pen.

Step 6) On the couch:  strung buttons.  :-)

Step 7) 3 minutes after RR break:  Adhered buttons, and voila!!!

FINISHED! :-) Took all day, but only 13 minutes up! :-)  Sorry for the small pics, but I can’t enlarge them too much, confidentiality, etc., for our foster kids this summer.  Thanks for visiting!

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All the layouts yet to be shared in 2010! (And the end of YAWYK!)

In no particular order, layouts I haven’t shared yet!  And the last of YAWYK!


I may have scrapped these pics before…  not sure.  These were taken during our staycation in May 2009.  We stayed at a hotel on the Plaza in KC and roamed through the Nelson-Atkins art museum and grounds.  I thought I may enjoy looking back at this picture one day and remembering what it felt like to be at rest–I have a feeling we will have a shortage of that in our lives from now on!

I used a free shape that came with my Silhouette, scattered it across the background in various sizes and placements, and welded it together to make the purple layer.  Then I used the offset tool to create a shadow effect with gray cardstock.  I used my clear sparkle gel pen to add dots and extend the lines of the background piece.  My favorite touch is the little bit of rhinestones, all about.

Random thoughts while reading facebook:

This is awful, but I think it was a sign of things to come.  I actually made this layout a few weeks before leaving facebook entirely.  I saw these vellum quotes on clearance and the snark cracked me up.  They also made me instantly think of FB.  You know, all the fake status updates?  And I have stories, people.  Stories of undergrads who stacked up several hundred FB friends like firewood, including crazy ex-boyfriends, and would let page after page of status war drama erupt when they got a new crazy boyfriend instead of, oh I don’t know, defriending the ex?!  Some people were constant Debbie Downers and that’s one of my bigger pet peeves.  Plus dirty laundry that didn’t need to be aired…  The list goes on and on.

17 wks:

OK, this photo is all kinds of a hot mess, but bear with me.  I re-stuck-down all the loose-coming-up bits, but apparently didn’t bother getting another photo of the LO.  Just trust me it looks better in real life!  You also can’t tell, but the top of the layout is punched in the same scalloped manner as the journaling labels.  A favorite LO of mine, for a lot of reasons.  :-)

miss emily claire:

Birth announcement from some friends–amazing story.  They adopted the little boy, and while in Africa to finalize everything, found out she was pregnant with this little girl!

A better look at all the acetate I managed to use up, and how nicely the flourishes in the background cardstock, acetate pieces, and on the actual birth announcement work together!


From the same staycation the first layout’s pics were from…  The fun thing about staycation is that we both get to go out and let loose a bit, without worrying about a designated driver–that’s what cabs are for!  So we camped out on the Plaza, listening to a pretty horrid cover band…  but it was still a lot of fun.  There was a funny pic of me with what I call my “fish face,” all googly eyed, but there wasn’t really room on the LO for it (thank goodness for small miracles…).  The zebra patterned paper and the colors in the background were all lifted directly from the shirt I was wearing, a red and black zebra print tee.  Oh, well!

YAWYK Count:  2010/2010

rest LO:
1874-1878) 6 sheets cardstock (I sorta lost 2 while experimenting with cut settings on the SSD)
1879-1890) 12 rhinestones
1891-1894) 4 stickers
1895-1898) 4 photo corners

facebook lo:
1899-1900) 2 sheets cardstock
1901) book of vellum quotes
1902-1917) 16 eyelets
1918-1920) 3 mini flower brads (ugh, the bane of my mini-brad loving existence.  Well, those and square mini-brads.)

17 wks:
1921) pink cardstock
1922-1925) 4 silk flowers
1926-1928) 3 rhinestone brads
1929-1934) 6 journaling spots (I chewed up a couple experimenting with my punch)
1935-1939) 5 stickers

miss emily claire lo:
1940) 1 sheet cardstock
1941-1944) 4 acetate pieces
1945-1959) 15 stickers & rub-ons

staycation lo:
1960-1961) 2 sheets pp/cs
1962-1976) 16 stickers/thickers
1977) journaling spot

random last minute purging to make my 2010 goal!

1978-2010) 23 oogly flowers from stash, boom gone!

WHOO-HOO I DID IT!  And you know what?  I think I’ll aim for 2011 in the next year.  Gotta be easier than 2010 in 5 months!

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Adoption Card

I made this for a coworker who recently adopted a little girl. We had the shower today after work. It was so cute to watch the mother/daughter pair wade through the presents, many of which were absolutely adorable outfits. Tulle, polka dots, and cowboy boots are totally in style for this fall, in case you were wondering. :-)

The color combo and clouds were inspired by a layout by Monica from ITAK. I cut the clouds from vellum, and adhered with spray adhesive. (They are more opaque IRL!) Some simple stamping, heat embossing, pop-dotting, border-punching, and ribbon-tying, and the card was finished! The little kraft word stickers are from Making Memories.

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miss U {still}

I did this layout of the girls we fostered last month for a challenge at Mission to Create. Excuse the rainbow hearts–it was the best I could do to blot out the faces (confidentiality and all that–it was too creepy to put smilie faces on or “blur” them out). This was a hard layout to do, but I am really glad I did.

I used three things on the Mission list:  the sketch, wings, and handdrawn journaling lines.  I tweaked the sketch by hiding the journaling behind the layout since it is kind of private.  I used another orange sequin butterfly to tie it back in design-wise to the layout.

Thanks for looking!

YAWYK Challenge: 474/2010

471-474) 4 butterflies

475) pink patterned paper

476) large polka dot scrap

477) chipboard flourish

-477) kraft cs

-476) adhesive refill

-475) green polka dot patterned paper