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Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop!

Hi! If you’ve never been here before, welcome and thanks for visiting! Today is the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop. I just discovered this challenge blog this month, and really love the concept. You can check them out here if they are unfamiliar to you or if you’d like to check out the blog hop from the beginning. And you can check out all of my Counterfeit posts by clicking here (and I still have more stuff to share from this kit, so please come back!).

The challenge for the blog hop was to scraplift yourself. I have to admit that I already do this quite often. I use the same layout design over and over and over again. I like white space, grouping photos tightly together, and creating a layered title. I do these things in a variety of ways, but I do them again and again. So really, anytime I scrap it is likely that I am scraplifting myself in one way or another. Here’s my past layout that I used as inspiration:

And here is my new version, using my March add-on kit, Fauxflower:

From the original, I kept the cockeyed orientation of the two side by side photos, stuck journaling off to the left, and built the title to the right (although it is moved down more to center since the righthand photo was horizontal orientation, and thus longer than the original layout). (Also, the ice cream cones were originally homemade flower embellishments, but a little crimped paper turned them into waffle cones.) :-) I didn’t have a diecut background piece, but used a scallop border punch on the top and bottom to emulate that. I used rhinestone brads and glitter stickers to echo the bling used on the journaling block butterfly of the original. The original layout used non-vintage, but vintage-looking Jenni Bowlin paper. I used some vintage-looking paper (the retro couple background piece and popped by the title) and some actual vintage (shorthand training manual). What do you think?

Thanks again for stopping by, and enjoy the hop! The next stop is Jessica’s blog–click here to visit!

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Why? ‘Cause! Layout

I made this layout before I was placed on bed rest, actually.  Just came across the pic and wanted to share.  It is, quite honestly, not the most meaningful layout. I had printed out pictures for a class mini-album a few years ago–one that we were supposed to be able to complete in class, but that didn’t remotely happen–and I never finished it.  I didn’t really like some of the supplies we were given for the mini-album, either, but I still enjoyed the pics I had taken of my stash.  So I made a fluff layout to use up my stash and record it for posterity’s sake, all at the same time.  ;-)

Nothing fancy, just paired some BG rub-ons with MME epoxy stickers and strips of MME (I think) pp.  Simple, quick, easy.  TFL!

OH, and real quick, an announcement–I have decided to discontinue YAWYK.  Not in the sense that I won’t continue to purge, because I have and I will.  But mostly because keeping track of all the items I am purging/using, just so I can list them on here, has become cumbersome, and I feel, pointless.  I’ve continued to downsize, a little bit with every project I undertake.  And I feel comfortable that I’ll definitely get rid of/use at least 2011 things this year.  But I also know if I don’t have time to write it all out now, no way will I have that time in a month or so.  ;-)  For those who are doing it, have fun and good luck!  I am to the point where I really enjoy the process of dumping old stash that I no longer love, and find it very natural, hope you do, too.

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Cat’s Paw Layout

From my March Counterfeit Kit (sorry the pics aren’t great, I am taking pics and blogging from my phone so I can do that in bed).  Die-cut paper, tree paper, MR rub-ons, and AC thickers.  Quick and easy!   Pics are from July 2010, when hubs and I hiked a trail back home, and stopped here at the Cat’s Paw lookout to snap a few pics.  Love these pics.  The comments on my last post got me to thinking–I think the three big things helping me scrap on bedrest are:

1) I’m a simple scrapper.  It took less than a minute to pull out the supplies I wanted to use–which was further aided because all of the supplies are already pulled out to be part of the kit!

2) I sketched everything out before hand while in bed, since I knew my kit contents, and I had already decided what pictures I would use, from memory, based on what I had that fit the theme of the kit.

3)  I’m an organized scrapper (at least right now).  My space has been kept clean and things put away where they belong ever since I moved into the guest room in January.  Sharing that space with guests and my husband (we moved our desktop computer in there, too) has really kept me on the ball. That helped me put my kit together in little 1-2 minute bursts (still took 2 days!  lol), and helps when I need to grab an extra piece of paper, my trimmer, or adhesive–it’s all within arm’s reach.

I actually video-taped a little snippet today, a 3-minute scrap session with my kit.  Hoping to get it up later in the week.  And I have officially had all the check-ups I will have while on bedrest, and every one of them has been positive!  In fact, in my last one this past Monday, the doctor said my measurements were better than expected, so he was very happy with the success of my bed rest.  Meanwhile, baby is GROWING and my belly is SOOOOOOO BIG!  I really feel like I’ll go to term (which is another 3.5-6.5 weeks).  Can’t wait for Thursday–I’m attacking the nursery!  (at least as much as T will let me, since he feels I should still be on BR until I deliver…  but dude, I can’t *nest* that way!  ;-)  )

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Thrice Hearts

I’ve been trying (with limited success) to send my grandma a card once a month this year. I call her every week, but I think (hope) she likes getting something that’s not a bill or ads every once in awhile. She lost most of her vision to glaucoma several years ago. A family member goes through the mail with her, so I know someone can read the inside for her, but I want her to get some some sort of sensory herself, too. To that end, I try to use bold colors, some kind of high-relief texture, and oversized elements. I at least got the first two covered this month.

The yellow rhinestone heart is actually quite bulky. I’m going to have to mail with a little piece of bubble wrap to protect the envelope, I think… Well, I’m off to make a couple lasagnas and visit a friend. What are you up to this Tuesday morning?