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A Hippopotamustn’t

All items for this layout (except the stamps for the title) were in my March Counterfeit Kit.  Sorry for the photo quality–some of it is due to using my phone to snap pics and some of it is for confidentiality reasons (our foster daughters from last summer, again).  Love these photos!!!  Cute little hippo feature at the park we went on their last Sunday with us, and they were both just too cute.  Cut the mat and border of the mat with my Silhouette, using one of the free shapes that come with it.

Found this poem online and thought it was perfect:

A Hippopotamusn’t
By J. Patrick Lewis

A hippopotamusn’t sit on lawn chairs, stools, and rockers.
A hippopotamusn’t yawn directly under tightrope walkers.
A hippopotamusn’t roll in gutters used by bowlers.
A hippopotamusn’t fail to floss his hippopotamolars.
The awful things a hippopotamusn’t do are just
As important as the lawful things a hippopotamust.

Loved these embellishments.  I coated my raw chipboard stars from the main kit with paint, then stamped and heat embossed in a highly contrasting color using the woodgrain stamp.  I WILL DO THIS SO MANY MORE TIMES, can I just tell you that?!?

Little detail shot of the title block…  I redid this once already, and it is still not perfect.  But oh, well, it’s done!  And good enough.  lol  Happy Monday!

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Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop!

Hi! If you’ve never been here before, welcome and thanks for visiting! Today is the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop. I just discovered this challenge blog this month, and really love the concept. You can check them out here if they are unfamiliar to you or if you’d like to check out the blog hop from the beginning. And you can check out all of my Counterfeit posts by clicking here (and I still have more stuff to share from this kit, so please come back!).

The challenge for the blog hop was to scraplift yourself. I have to admit that I already do this quite often. I use the same layout design over and over and over again. I like white space, grouping photos tightly together, and creating a layered title. I do these things in a variety of ways, but I do them again and again. So really, anytime I scrap it is likely that I am scraplifting myself in one way or another. Here’s my past layout that I used as inspiration:

And here is my new version, using my March add-on kit, Fauxflower:

From the original, I kept the cockeyed orientation of the two side by side photos, stuck journaling off to the left, and built the title to the right (although it is moved down more to center since the righthand photo was horizontal orientation, and thus longer than the original layout). (Also, the ice cream cones were originally homemade flower embellishments, but a little crimped paper turned them into waffle cones.) :-) I didn’t have a diecut background piece, but used a scallop border punch on the top and bottom to emulate that. I used rhinestone brads and glitter stickers to echo the bling used on the journaling block butterfly of the original. The original layout used non-vintage, but vintage-looking Jenni Bowlin paper. I used some vintage-looking paper (the retro couple background piece and popped by the title) and some actual vintage (shorthand training manual). What do you think?

Thanks again for stopping by, and enjoy the hop! The next stop is Jessica’s blog–click here to visit!

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Sneak-a-Peek Layout

…at Yellowstone wildlife.

Everything is from my main March Counterfeit Kit, except for one letter sticker.  :-)  Looks like it should have been fairly straightforward, but I strayed majorly away from my original sketch, and had to problem solve using 8.5×11 vellum on a 12×12 layout, etc.  So this much more time than it should have…

Placed the title to create a green-outlined-in-brown visual triangle with the leaves on the top and bottom right.  Used my Silhouette to cut said title.  Gotta love that offset feature!!

Added little captions using a scallop punch and hand-trimmed circles, accented with buttons.  The “buffalo?” “bison?” captions are a little joke, because our tour guide was never clear on what we should actually call them (I believe the proper term is bison, “American Buffalo” is sort of a misnomer.).  And I successfully resisted the urge to title this layout “Elk Butt.”

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Fauxflower Add-On (and a Walgreen’s photo code)

Here’s the original Wildflower Add-On from Studio Calico:

And here’s my own Fauxflower kit:

You can see that I ended up having to go with a general feel…  And 2 of my pp subs are large scraps, not a full sheet of paper.  I also just stuck in 2 sheets of blush cardstock and will make the lace paper using my Silhouette when I get to that point.

I pulled from my vintage stash for the papers, but added a few individual pieces that I thought went with the kit, including this vintage matchbook cover, a vellum collage piece, and a vintage scripture card.

Sorry for the horrible photo.  (I made this kit while still on bed rest, and so took pics with my phone so I could upload them easily.)  I made the flowers while lying on the couch.  Just cut some circles of tulle, tissue paper, and fabric, then layered and stuck together with a rhinestone or pearl brad.  They are super cute in person.  I’ll try to get a better shot when I upload the layouts.

These are a little better…  I threw in the big white flower, skeleton leaves, and 2 chipboard phrases because I saw them, liked them, and thought they might go with the layouts I was planning on making.  I just uploaded a TON of photos to Walgreen’s.  They have a coupon code right now through tomorrow–LUCKY25–you upload 50 prints and get 25 of them for free!  Thought it was a decent enough deal, and I’ll have plenty of photos to scrap for awhile.  :-)  Have a great weekend!

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2-3 Minute Bedrest Scrap Sessions: A Lovely Day in the Park

I did a movie on my phone that I had originally planned on sharing here, but you can’t really edit those and I grew unmotivated to mess with it.  :-)  But I do have pics I snapped of each step of my process so everyone can get an idea of how I’ve been doing this on bedrest–without worrying that I am in anyway endangering my baby.  Those of you who are familiar with my story know how long we’ve waited, and how special the bean is, so of course I wouldn’t be up more than my doctor has told me I can be.  He lets me up 10% of my day–so all I have to do is carefully manage that time.  I keep track of meals, bathroom, shower, etc. so I know I’m not going over my limit.  So, here goes!

Step 1) In bed:  I sketched out my idea for the layout, going off memory on what pics I have waiting to be scrapped, and referring back to the picture I snapped of my kit contents on my phone.  This way, I could even notate specific supplies so my time up would be used efficiently.

Step 2) 3 minutes up after shower:  I pulled my needed supplies from my kit (took less than a minute) and spent remaining time trimming photos to be sure they would fit the space I thought they would.

Step 3) 2 minutes up after lunch:  Adhered photos.

Step 4) 3 minutes up after a RR break: Trimmed and adhered patterned paper strips.

Step 5) 2 minutes after dinner:  Skipped cutting letters with my Silhouette as I’d originally planned (it was getting late in the day at this point, and I wanted this one done!), and threw together most of a quick title block with kit contents and a pen.

Step 6) On the couch:  strung buttons.  :-)

Step 7) 3 minutes after RR break:  Adhered buttons, and voila!!!

FINISHED! :-) Took all day, but only 13 minutes up! :-)  Sorry for the small pics, but I can’t enlarge them too much, confidentiality, etc., for our foster kids this summer.  Thanks for visiting!

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Cat’s Paw Layout

From my March Counterfeit Kit (sorry the pics aren’t great, I am taking pics and blogging from my phone so I can do that in bed).  Die-cut paper, tree paper, MR rub-ons, and AC thickers.  Quick and easy!   Pics are from July 2010, when hubs and I hiked a trail back home, and stopped here at the Cat’s Paw lookout to snap a few pics.  Love these pics.  The comments on my last post got me to thinking–I think the three big things helping me scrap on bedrest are:

1) I’m a simple scrapper.  It took less than a minute to pull out the supplies I wanted to use–which was further aided because all of the supplies are already pulled out to be part of the kit!

2) I sketched everything out before hand while in bed, since I knew my kit contents, and I had already decided what pictures I would use, from memory, based on what I had that fit the theme of the kit.

3)  I’m an organized scrapper (at least right now).  My space has been kept clean and things put away where they belong ever since I moved into the guest room in January.  Sharing that space with guests and my husband (we moved our desktop computer in there, too) has really kept me on the ball. That helped me put my kit together in little 1-2 minute bursts (still took 2 days!  lol), and helps when I need to grab an extra piece of paper, my trimmer, or adhesive–it’s all within arm’s reach.

I actually video-taped a little snippet today, a 3-minute scrap session with my kit.  Hoping to get it up later in the week.  And I have officially had all the check-ups I will have while on bedrest, and every one of them has been positive!  In fact, in my last one this past Monday, the doctor said my measurements were better than expected, so he was very happy with the success of my bed rest.  Meanwhile, baby is GROWING and my belly is SOOOOOOO BIG!  I really feel like I’ll go to term (which is another 3.5-6.5 weeks).  Can’t wait for Thursday–I’m attacking the nursery!  (at least as much as T will let me, since he feels I should still be on BR until I deliver…  but dude, I can’t *nest* that way!  ;-)  )

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Counterfeit Kit Blog, have you heard of this??

WARNING: Major scrappy geekiness and overanalyticalness ahead. So if you’re not into scrapbooking, please feel free to skim right on by in your reader. :-)

So excited to find this blog! Check it out here. Each month, they pick a kit to “counterfeit” with their stash, duplicating the patterned papers, embellishments, etc. with things they already own to create a kit for $0. LOVE THIS CONCEPT and am completely kicking myself that I never considered it before! T swears I have, but I don’t think so… I would make homemade kits all the time, but I never thought to try to duplicate a kit that I was jonesing after when I had enough things in my stash already… Such brilliance.

So, this month, the kit is from Studio Calico and looks like this:

And I spent a couple minutes here and there during trips to the bathroom, pulling together the elements for my version:

I wanted to take a picture, setting it all up exactly like the SC pic, so you could easily see what I had chosen for each piece, but I was so inspired by this that I was 1.5 layouts in before I remembered that! So… I had snapped this with my phone so that I could remember what I had put in my kit while I sketched layout ideas in bed. Basically, here’s how it matches up:

Cardstock for cardstock. I had every color they had in their kit, so that worked perfectly.

Patterned paper:

SC : Me

  • Big ledger paper : 8.5×11 vellum ledger paper
  • squirrels & circles : scattered trees (You might think I should have picked the Love, Elsie paper for that one, but it’s actually for something else)
  • yellow rickrack print : orange diamond patterned print
  • big orange flowers : Love, Elsie paper, because most of those circles are different versions of big orange flowers…
  • woodgrain paper : (I swear I have some, I have some cool cardstock woodgrain paper, and I thought I had a Hambly overlay, but I can’t locate them…) big scrap of Hambly overlay in vintage wallpaper (I think) in chocolate brown
  • orange geometric print : AC multi-colored circles print
  • die-cut label paper : scalloped white cs
  • green circle patterned paper : generic green patterned cardstock
  • kraft with white pattern : tan pp with a grid and leaves print

The perfection with how all the colors match is geekily exciting to me. :-) A close-up of the papers and cardstock:

Embellishment substitutions…

SC : Me

  • JBS chipboard stars : random chipboard stars
  • yellow buttons: variety of matching (and some handmade!) buttons
  • yellow letter stickers: yellow Thickers in vinyl
  • SL green letter stickers : BG letter stickers in green/burgundy
  • Orange labels, tags, and arrows : chipboard labels and tags in a woodsy theme and some label, tag, and arrow stamps
  • Woodgrain fabrips : Woodgrain stamp
  • Bee stamp : bee stamp
  • Then I stuck in the Maya Road rub-ons because I’m incapable of having a kit with absolutely NO black in it, plus they matched the theme and I have been wanting to use them. :-)

A close-up of the embellies:

And… last but not least….

yellow title block and mushroom journaling card : journaling spots, ready to alter!

Like I said, I’ve already made 1.5 layouts. I am still on bedrest, of course, and it is next to impossible to scrapbook in bed. But I am stealing a couple minutes here and there amidst trips to the kitchen or bathroom, and using a timer so I don’t get carried away. I’ve been working on this since Saturday… It took me 2 days just to get the kit together, then another 3 days for the layouts so far. :-) Slooooow going, but so worth it, I need this outlet like crazy. :-)

There are add-on kits to lift, too, but I am sticking with this one for now, and once I run out of layout ideas (I think I have 4 right now), I’ll pick an add-on to counterfeit and use with the remainders of my main kit counterfeit. So much fun!!!