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1st Birthday–You Are My Sunshine

Okay, he’s OUR sunshine, but you know the song, that’s not how it goes! I first saw this theme on the Design Dazzle blog, when Bubby was just a bun in the oven. And I loved it. I loved the song, especially ever since I sang it for hours, to all the tiny babies, rocking away, at Children’s Mercy Hospital while working in the NICU. And he really is just a super happy baby. :-)I didn’t use most of the ideas I saw there, even though I liked them all. $$ for one, time for another. I did decide to make some bunting and signs, and we went with cupcakes, similar to the blog.

Here’s the sign greeting guests and directing them to our backyard:

Then back on our patio, we set up one of our folding tables and my parents brought one up, too. The sun decorations were an art project that my students completed. ::love:: The bunting was just yellow cardstock and patterned paper from my stash, using paint and some big foam stamps, and adding a punched border with some orange/gold sun/summer patterned paper. The favor bags held a big pinwheel, some “sunshine” trail mix (dried mango, banana chips, and sunflower seeds), yellow party horns, sunglasses that my Mom found at HL, and bubbles.

Then in that empty space up above, the food and centerpiece fit in perfectly. My mom worked a long time, getting the veggie-kabobs and fruit-kabobs set up. I love it because–hello, arranged just like the theme–and they were easy finger foods. And see, matching sunburst trays, borrowed from school. How perfect! Unfortunately, the centerpiece couldn’t stay up for the party. The wind kept threatening to blow it over, and I didn’t want giant shards of glass all over the patio. (Pretty simple, it was just a vase filled with balloons, pinwheels, and a mix of shreddy stuff.) We also had orange and yellow jello jigglers in 2 different sun shapes that my Mom made. They were so cute! And the kids loved them.

Thomas made these. I found a box mix that had a way to do fillings, so we did that, and then Thomas tinted the icing in gradiated shades of yellow. ::love:: Then they were arranged so they faded outward. I put them on another clear tray with a sunburst design. It’s the little details like that that just make me giddy. I know it’s silly and unimportant, but it’s fun and I’m just trying to make it memorable.

Moment of truth:

‘Mmmmmm… I approve.’

He got some fun gifts, too. This AMAZING monster quilt that Thomas’ mother, Jane, made:

And this SUPERCOOL toy box that my Dad made:

He loves to lay on the quilt and play with the monsters. And he toddles over to the toy box, says, “Adieu?” (I have no idea what he thinks he’s saying, but that’s what it sounds like, and it is his all-purpose phrase du jour.) Then one of us opens the toy box for him, and holds up toys for him to choose from. He either dismisses it by shoving it back in the box, or grabs it with both hands and a giggle. I’ve been trying to get us all in the habit of putting up the old toy when a new toy (or 3) appear, and now he will also walk over and place the toy on top of the toy box and say and sign “done!” to let me know he’s finished and would like a different toy. HOW ADORABLE!!!! ; I’m just gaga over him. Seriously. In case you can’t tell!

Here’s someone else who seems to be gaga for him… (My Mom) She bought a big stack of books for him, and one of them is recordable, called “That’s What Grandmas Do!” She and Jane recorded it right before the birthday party. He loves it, he gets it off the shelf and flips the pages and talks back to it. :-)

Here’s Jane, and Uncle Mike, and Grandpa Dan with the guest of honor:

And Grandpa Dan pushing Bubby in the swing:

There were four other families there, but three of them have little kids, so I don’t feel comfortable posting their pictures. You’ll just have to imagine the four boys running around like hooligans with their party horns and sunglasses, super cute. And they enjoyed the sprinkler we dragged out (can you believe it was the first weekend in May and 90 degrees?!?). They also enjoyed Bubby’s present: a finished swingset (really, finished for them) and a sandbox (okay,that one was all for Bubbaloo).

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Layout: Party Pic

This is from 2-3 years ago (wow, I need to lose weight again…) at a friends’ child’s 2nd birthday party.  We lobbied long and hard to get invited to these shindigs (not sure why anyone would turn down a free present for their kid…  Oh, wait, yeah, I do get that… lol).  They kind of dragged their feet on it, maybe because we were having trouble having kids and they thought we wouldn’t enjoy it.  But we love all these kids, and wanted to celebrate them, too, so evidence that we were there was hard-won!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I am NOT a vintage gal.  I usually do clean, bright layouts.  But I love Tim Holtz’s work, and I love vintage items in general, and I keep buying antique-y, distress-y products…  I have also always turned up my nose at beginning a layout with product as inspiration.  It seemed so… materialistic? shallow? superficial?  Not sure.  lol  But I started with a product this time, and picked everything else to match, including the photo.  I have such a stash, it’s time it starts getting used.  And since I never think to look at my grungy embellishments when I scrap picture-first, I figured I should start there every so often so they get used, someway, somehow.  So the photo corners and bookplates were the starting points for this whole layout.

The balloons on the blue bookplate (trimmed down so it looks like a tag) sparked a memory of this party.  T and I were both in grad school.  I was working a few part time gigs, and he was full time, but we were hurting financially.  So we bought Luke a giant mylar balloon.  That’s it, it’s what we could afford at the time.  And may I say?  He loved it.  It was the hit of the party.  :-)

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Silhouette-cut Birthday Cards

I made these on Sunday, too. Simplified the process ever so much by using my Silhouette SD. Even went ahead and bought new shapes for it! Inexpensive and soooooo convenient. I bought the ‘restroom girl icon’ and a scalloped cherry spot.


I removed the cherry and little faux-stitching slits from the perimeter of the cherry spot. Then I sized my text and cut-cut-cut! Slipped snippets of black paper lace underneath. Quick, easy, cute. :-)

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I found this pic last night, just waiting to be scrapped for, oh, the past year and a half…  :-)  No matter, it was the perfect opportunity to break in my new Silhouette SD!  The layout’s theme was the iPod Thomas broke down and got himself for his birthday.  I found a music font on, found a handful of characters I liked, arranged them in varying sizes, welded them together and voila!  Instant cool background.  I was very happy with my first embellie cut from this machine!

A close-up of the super-intricate cutting on that drumset!

And a huge YAWYK update!  I will definitely hit my goal of using up or otherwise getting rid of 2010 items in 2010!  I know it didn’t seem possible, but I’ve got 3 big Christmas projects that are finally concluded, plus all the stuff I can now sell or give away since my Silhouette handily replaces them all!  (The really good news, though?  My scrapping goal for next year will be far more interesting for you guys.  I’m channeling Late Blossom and trying to use all of my stamps in 2011, which will result in more projects to share!)

YAWYK Count:  1857/2010

2011 calendars (which failed miserably and then turned into albums) for the soon-to-be-grandparents:

1028-1029) 2 ready-to-scrap calendars

1030-1309) 280 letter and number stickers

1310 – 1361) 52 sheets of patterned paper and cardstock

1362-1378) 17 embellishments

1379-1380) 2 books dried out rub-ons

2nd cousin’s first year album:

1381-1382) album and strap hinge kit

1383-1404) 22 sheets cardstock

1405-1435) 31 embellishments

Being replaced by my Silhouette:

1436-1444) 9 alphabets

1445-1447) 3 machines

1448-1449) 2 sets of cutting mats

1450-1482) 33 individual sizzlits!

Additional purging yesterday!

1483-1494) 12 ugly sheets paper

1495-1502) 8 dried up markers & pens

1503-1511) 9 ready-to-scrap 12×12 calendars (the first 2 were such a disaster that I’m just giving them all away.  Sigh.)

1512-1514) 3 vintage paper items

1515-1532) 18 square brads

1533-1556) 24 weeded out flowers

1555-1563) 7 starbucks cozies (long story)

1562-1607) 44 Christmas swap items (not finished items, just die cuts and ribbon scraps), long unused, wrinkled or otherwise not my style

1606-1626) 19 1/2 used letter sticker sets

1625-1724) 98 journaling spots (well, over half of them were index cards…  the other half were ones that I could easily recreate with stamps)

Used on the Christmas cards that my students made and we send out every year:

1725-1840) 116 square brads (I just don’t like them, so donated away!) and big gold brads (ditto!)

iBirthday LO:

1841-1843) 2 sheets paper

1844-1852) 9 rub-ons

1853-1857) 5 mini-brads

So…  153 more to go!  Soooooo close!

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Happy B*Day, ITAK!

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I thought I’d share one of the b-day cards I made for T this year. I actually made him 7, and gave him one each day leading up to his birthday. Each one had a little gift–like a coupon for cooking on his week, or a pack of nerds for my nerd.

With textured cardstock and manly ledger and stripe patterns in bold colors, accented with some ‘studly’ brads, I had a fun, festive, masculine card.

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