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Hushabye LO

We did lots of rocking you to sleep.  Lots and lots and lots.  And I loved it.  :-)  So much that here is the second layout (and ending with “-abye” too, just for good measure, ha) featuring your sweet sleepy self.  I especially love these pictures, unflattering angle and all, because I’m the one holding you.  Love this memory.

I scraplifted this layout from Pinterest.  I really wanted to mist some tissue paper and make those flowers, but I somehow didn’t have any white tissue paper, so subbed in the ribbon.  I wanted to try the confetti look, but I think I may have to actually buy a confetti punch.  I got bored too quickly punching holes with my CAD.  LOL  The banner flags were scraps still on my desk.  Did a little misting with a polka dot mask for the background.  If I did it again, I would have the ribbon coming onto the page from the right instead, and notch the banner end on the left.  OR I would switch the direction for the scattering of confetti and sequins.  I think those changes would make it more balanced and give it better flow…  but considering I got this done in a naptime (except the misting that I started the night before), I’m okay with it. :-)

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Rockabye LO

This was the magic anti-colic swing that enabled you to finally take naps during the day without having to be on our chests (though we still did that pretty often since we often needed a nap, too).  You had a hard time getting to sleep, and staying asleep, and when you were awake, you were often not feeling so hot at this point…  so being able to watch you sleep, peacefully, for a good stretch, made this swing worth every pretty penny it cost.  (In fact, every once in awhile, we still use it, as it holds up to 26 lbs.  I don’t think you’ll be outgrown of it before Sissy arrives in February!)

I used this sketch by Jana Eubanks. The buttons, sentiments, scalloped circle, and alpha were all from a sticker pack my friend Ali gave me when she met Bubby.  I mounted them on white cardstock since they were slightly translucent, and added 3D detailing where possible (like the stitching and banners), to dress them up.  I put a lot of banners on this layout, and used plenty of foam tape to make the layering a bit more fun.  The silver chipboard swirls were $1 at Target, and I barely made a dent in the package!  TFL. :-)

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Impromptu Peek-a-boo LO

This is a picture from our trip to the Nelson-Atkins art museum in May.  You do so well when we go out, this day was no exception.  We’d stopped in the cafe for some milk and a snack, and even though it had already been a long afternoon, you started this adorable game with us.  Side note:  I bought this kit for $3 at Big Lots, and I’ve made 2 layouts with it so far…  I shouldn’t have any problem getting a third and some cards out of the remainder.  LOVE that.

I’m all about banners and bunting lately…  It’s so easy with twine and scraps and brads…  I have a bunch of these brads with little “holders” attached to them–I think originally for ribbon?  But ribbon is way too bulky for them, and they’ve been languishing away in my stash–until twine and bunting got hot, and now I’ve got all sorts of uses for them. ;-)  All the paper is from the $3 kit, except the green and white check, it is a scrap from my very first DCWV stack, geeze, probably 7 years ago?  And the background cardstock.

Simple journaling and doodling finish off the page.  I popped the little turtle diecut (get it, a turtle?  Because of the peekaboo?  LOL) onto some cardstock then trimmed it out and doodled on it as an easy way to dress it up a bit.  I also colored over bits of the turtle that were brown to make them black to match the rest of the layout.  I used dots from punctuation from the hot pink letter stickers to make little hypens for the word peek-a-boo.

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i heart you LO

Not much to say about this LO.  Except I love that pic of little man and I love the journaling, though they are separated by 6 months…

My style is changing, becoming more structured and layered.  Still pretty minimalist, though.  And vellum still rocks.  In case you were wondering.

NEW GOODIES:  Title from the Silhouette store, hearts made by me in the Sil software, Bella Blvd baby line and some DCWV stacks.  OLD STASH:  some Love, Elsie paper (orange polka dots), the colored pencils I used to draw hearts into my journaling, vellum, photo corners, heart-embossed white cs, and trim.

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Father’s Day Layout, 2012

I made this layout for T for Father’s Day.  It took me a couple of days while I cooked dinner–I’d set something to simmering, or nuke something in the microwave, or set the timer as the pasta boiled, and slip back to my scrapbook room to do one part of the layout before going back to check in on dinner.  And I didn’t burn anything!  Not more than usual, anyway.  ;-)

A sheet of kraft served as my base, topped with a stretch of navy blue (one of my current fave colors in sbing) cardstock that I distressed so it would match the feel of the plaid patterned paper that I used.  I used clay and white Mr. Huey sprays, then roughed up the edges with my scissors.  I dipped in my sticker box, a rarity for me, but something I need to do more often so I can use up my stash, and used several ancient epoxy stickers.  I think they’re MAMBI, and I’m not even sure they’re still around anymore?  Certainly those stickers aren’t.  I was pleased they hadn’t yellowed and were still super sticky.  I used some warm calico Mr. Huey spray on the type paper, as the bright white didn’t go with the cream tone underlying the plaid.  Speaking of that plaid paper–I received it in a PIF from a friend YEARS ago…  this layout was apparently all about busting my stash!  The cream cardstock that looks like beadboard?  One of my very first purchases as a scrapbooker, at least 8 years ago.  I used my Silhouette and a free design by Kerri Bradford to create the title.

Some staples to reinforce the grungy, masculine feel, and some handstitching to finish the tiny-touches-of-orange visual triangle.  The journaling reads, “Thank you for loving me, snuggling me, feeding me, cleaning me, playing with me, singing to me, rocking me, teaching me…” These pictures are some of my favorites, from last year when he was just over 2 months old. Love those little hands.

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Let’s Get Ready to…TUMBLE!

ETA: I forgot to mention–Did you like the title? A Pea helped me come up with it. I think it was Julie, aka TravelAgent. Thank you, it is perfect, and so cute.

I have been working on this layout for a couple months…  since mid-March.  I took a number of time-saving measures, and it STILL took that long!  How long would it have taken without?  lol  I used the DCWV All About Boys stack for quick and easy coordinating, and an Allison Davis sketch to make the design work painless.  The thing that took the longest was creating the banner.  First I cut apart a piece of the DCWV paper (the one with the multipatterned blocks), trimmed them all down to the same rectangular size, and then used a square punch to create the notches.  Then I hand-stitched it on–that REALLY took some time, especially in little 5 minute snippets, which is all I ever had I think. :-)

Here are some close-ups (or you can click on the top picture to see it bigger):

The journaling reads: “Evan’s 5th birthday was held at a gymNastics place. You had the best time.  We were worried there wouldn’t be appropriate things for a bubby to play on or with, but we found lots of fun places for you to explore. You loved to walkand falland crawland tumble on the giant foam mats covering the entire warehouse floor.  You also got to climb up shallow inclines, through short tunnels, and across big foam platforms a few feet off the floor (Daddy was rigHtthere!).  It was so much fun watching You have fun. And everybody was surprised you were such a goOdwalkeRalready! Love you, little man. xOXox”

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1st Birthday–You Are My Sunshine

Okay, he’s OUR sunshine, but you know the song, that’s not how it goes! I first saw this theme on the Design Dazzle blog, when Bubby was just a bun in the oven. And I loved it. I loved the song, especially ever since I sang it for hours, to all the tiny babies, rocking away, at Children’s Mercy Hospital while working in the NICU. And he really is just a super happy baby. :-)I didn’t use most of the ideas I saw there, even though I liked them all. $$ for one, time for another. I did decide to make some bunting and signs, and we went with cupcakes, similar to the blog.

Here’s the sign greeting guests and directing them to our backyard:

Then back on our patio, we set up one of our folding tables and my parents brought one up, too. The sun decorations were an art project that my students completed. ::love:: The bunting was just yellow cardstock and patterned paper from my stash, using paint and some big foam stamps, and adding a punched border with some orange/gold sun/summer patterned paper. The favor bags held a big pinwheel, some “sunshine” trail mix (dried mango, banana chips, and sunflower seeds), yellow party horns, sunglasses that my Mom found at HL, and bubbles.

Then in that empty space up above, the food and centerpiece fit in perfectly. My mom worked a long time, getting the veggie-kabobs and fruit-kabobs set up. I love it because–hello, arranged just like the theme–and they were easy finger foods. And see, matching sunburst trays, borrowed from school. How perfect! Unfortunately, the centerpiece couldn’t stay up for the party. The wind kept threatening to blow it over, and I didn’t want giant shards of glass all over the patio. (Pretty simple, it was just a vase filled with balloons, pinwheels, and a mix of shreddy stuff.) We also had orange and yellow jello jigglers in 2 different sun shapes that my Mom made. They were so cute! And the kids loved them.

Thomas made these. I found a box mix that had a way to do fillings, so we did that, and then Thomas tinted the icing in gradiated shades of yellow. ::love:: Then they were arranged so they faded outward. I put them on another clear tray with a sunburst design. It’s the little details like that that just make me giddy. I know it’s silly and unimportant, but it’s fun and I’m just trying to make it memorable.

Moment of truth:

‘Mmmmmm… I approve.’

He got some fun gifts, too. This AMAZING monster quilt that Thomas’ mother, Jane, made:

And this SUPERCOOL toy box that my Dad made:

He loves to lay on the quilt and play with the monsters. And he toddles over to the toy box, says, “Adieu?” (I have no idea what he thinks he’s saying, but that’s what it sounds like, and it is his all-purpose phrase du jour.) Then one of us opens the toy box for him, and holds up toys for him to choose from. He either dismisses it by shoving it back in the box, or grabs it with both hands and a giggle. I’ve been trying to get us all in the habit of putting up the old toy when a new toy (or 3) appear, and now he will also walk over and place the toy on top of the toy box and say and sign “done!” to let me know he’s finished and would like a different toy. HOW ADORABLE!!!! ; I’m just gaga over him. Seriously. In case you can’t tell!

Here’s someone else who seems to be gaga for him… (My Mom) She bought a big stack of books for him, and one of them is recordable, called “That’s What Grandmas Do!” She and Jane recorded it right before the birthday party. He loves it, he gets it off the shelf and flips the pages and talks back to it. :-)

Here’s Jane, and Uncle Mike, and Grandpa Dan with the guest of honor:

And Grandpa Dan pushing Bubby in the swing:

There were four other families there, but three of them have little kids, so I don’t feel comfortable posting their pictures. You’ll just have to imagine the four boys running around like hooligans with their party horns and sunglasses, super cute. And they enjoyed the sprinkler we dragged out (can you believe it was the first weekend in May and 90 degrees?!?). They also enjoyed Bubby’s present: a finished swingset (really, finished for them) and a sandbox (okay,that one was all for Bubbaloo).