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Scrappy Goals February Check-In

*Complete 20 layouts from our 2018 Disney trip. Two down so far! Process video here. :)

*Step up my elegant card-making game–don’t just go for easy, cute, whimsical, done! Specifically…
***10 Sympathy/Get Well
***10 Birthday
***10 Thank You
***100 Christmas (😱)

I am struggling with this one! I did one birthday card, but used it immediately, and then only managed 4 Christmas cards. :/ But they were pretty!

*Use at least 10 of my Scrapbook Generation kits. Used two more this month (the Disney layout above and the one pictured below), which means I have 6 left to use to meet this goal.

*Improve my photo workflow and storage by working on photo management for 2 hours each month. Started the next photobook, but I’m not sure that I am really addressing this goal. May need to rethink.

*Continue posting here 3x/week and on my YouTube channel 1x/week. Had a couple close calls, but I think I’ve managed it again!

What goals have you set for yourself in 2021, and how are you doing?

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UFOs and Unicorns


(UFO in crafting = Unfinished Object ;)  )

I came across this stack of pre-cut card bases and adorable stamped and cut-out unicorns.  With a little free time, punches, dies, and stamps, I created a bevy of beautiful cards by the next day!

My favorites in each color scheme (It’s hard to see, but the blue cards have beautiful metallic silver cardstock clouds!):


All of them in all their glory:

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Happy Unicorn Birthday!

For my daughter’s last birthday, she chose a unicorn theme. So to celebrate, I had to make her a unicorn card, of course! I love these dies–I just recently discovered them on a 50% off sale at Spellbinders, and snapped them up! They are going to be perfect for any elegant occasion, and easily customizable with the windows. The card naturally stands up as a display piece, but also folds flat for mailing. I’m playing around with other ways to use them, too.

Cards, Christmas

Christmas Door Card

Because I don’t know what else to call this! LOL So…on these cards, can I just say–WHAT.THE.HECK. How do you use these?? I first tried running it through an 8.5 x 11 piece of cardstock, cut in half, and lining up the die to make 2 cuts that you adhere together. Don’t do this. It doesn’t work. It ends up with you wasting at least 20 card bases because they don’t line up correctly and aren’t rescue-able.

Next, I tried something similar with 12×12 cardstock cut in half. I don’t think this is necessary, the 8.5 x 11 would have been plenty, but I did eventually figure out that they needed to be folded just beyond the edge of the die. However, this isn’t foolproof, either, as I repeatedly found out. Seriously, out of 24 cards, I had only 6 usable bases. :(

The most frustrating part of the whole experience was the utter lack of directions. Not a paper insert, nothing printed on the package, not even a QR code to a video, or a mention of the Sizzix website, nothin.’ :(

I love how these turn out, and I saved all the teeny tiny pieces I had previously cut to be used in the future, but in general, I don’t think I would wish this die on my worst enemy!