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Poor little man…

Little man loves it when we go for a run/walk. He just takes it all in, talks to the birds or trees a little, but in this sweet, subdued voice, unlike his usual excited proclamations. Sometimes, though, he wears himself out with the combination of excitement and peace, and just zonks out, like tonight. I’m letting him sleep a bit, and we’re hanging out on the patio where I can enjoy my wind chime.

PS, a day of scrapbooking, starbucks, chatting with girlfriends, and another walk/run followed by a hot shower and my Marvin the Martian shirt… Aaaahhhh. Feeling a bit less restless tonight.



As in NUNYA BUSINESS! It shouldn’t, but has, surprised me how much of our private business other people have felt compelled to make their own lately.  Warning, kvetching ahead.

1) The neighbor boys we asked to watch our cats while we were gone pilfered through our drawers and played some of T’s video games.  If they’d asked beforehand, this MIGHT be okay, but they didn’t–and used an online account tied to our bank account to play a rated-M (Mature, >18) game.  So not okay and we would have set out what games were appropriate along with the necessary controls on our account.  ::annoyed::

2) Not one but TWO friends at church guilted me for the fact that I cannot stay home at least part time with Bubby.  I understand it is ideal for many people for a parent to stay home–but it is not a choice for us.  IT IS A NECESSITY THAT I WORK.  And yes, full time, at least at this job with the way insurance and benefits work.  We even had one person insist that his mother come over and help us with our budget.  I’m sorry, we’ve been doing a Dave Ramsey zero-based budget with no credit card usage for almost 2 years.  We’ve got the budget thing down cold, and ran the numbers with a scorched-earth mindset.  It is not possible right now.  There’s nothing left to cut, nothing left to change, and all the guilt in the world isn’t helping me cope with it any better right now.

3) Another friend guilted us for not using a nanny.  This is not as laughable as it may first sound (I picture a live-in, ala Mary Poppins).  Basically, just a fancier way of saying an in-someone-else’s-home daycare.  This is what my mom did with me, so no judgment there–my parents knew the people well and I was doted on and flourished.  But we don’t know anyone up here that we trust that much.  I’d rather go with a licensed, accredited facility that allows drop-ins and whose caregivers are educated.

Meanwhile, some people give me grief over breastfeeding, while still others gave me grief when I had to supplement.  Some people can’t believe Bubby has reflux (“all babies spit up” when it’s the abnormal pain that is the concern).  Even our pediatrician gives us conflicting advice (“put him down drowsy during the day, don’t let him fall asleep on you” at his 1 month; then “do whatever you have to do to get him to sleep at least 2x during the day!” at his 2 month checkup upon hearing that he hadn’t slept during the day for the previous month…).

I know it’s par for the course and everyone goes through this.  I tend to get prickly at unsolicited advice and nosiness anyway, and it’s impossible to avoid.  So I just do my best to smile and nod (except maybe with Mom, sorry!) and vent about it here.  ;-)  Aren’t you lucky??  Besides, there are a lot of people in our life (like grandparents and close friends who’ve been there) whose advice we can benefit from.

Current status on all the above?

  • I’m pumping during the day and giving bottles with 1 teaspoon of rice cereal/3 oz. breastmilk (dr.-sanctioned).  The bottles to prepare him and I for my return to work and the rice cereal to see if it helps with the reflux.  We just started this today, so I’m not sure how it’s going yet.
  • We’re using the swing and a pacifier to help him get to sleep during the day–he actually fell asleep on his own in his pack and play during dinner a couple of days ago, so I’m hopeful he will be able to fall asleep on his own during the day–goodness knows he’ll need to at daycare.  And sometimes?  He still falls asleep on us, and we don’t put him down and we let him sleep as long as he’d like, because he NEEDS to.  I think he prefers to sleep on  us or in the swing because of the reflux–he likes being in motion or at an angle to keep the pain at bay–so I feel like if we could fix the reflux, we could fix that issue, too.  The Zantac did help him sleep more easily during the day (that’s about all it did, though).
  • We’re going over to the neighbors’ sometime this week to learn how to take care of the boys’ redbearded dragon lizard while they are out of town.  If their mom brings up the videogame, we’ll share that they went through our things to get it–and that we’re really not comfortable with that.  And frankly, I’m not sure if we’ll use them in the future or not.  It makes me really uncomfortable!  But we aren’t sure that we will just out and out “tattle” on them or not.  I feel comfortable enough with the boys to set the record straight directly with them the next time they visit, though (they really love our cats, so they come by to visit and play with them).
  • Our current financial goal? Survive until my paychecks start again after maternity leave (pretty doable, thanks to our stockpile).  Then slam through our remaining student loans.  Once those are paid off, we’re going to reevaluate.  I’m hopeful that if a second child blessedly showed up, and the loans were paid off, I could stay home.  But unfortunately, we’ve run those numbers, too, and that doesn’t seem possible either.  But who knows where we’ll be or if T will get a raise or if I will get a stunning raise that would enable him to stay home, or what…  Thus the re-eval when the loans are paid off.  So all we can do is keep on keeping on.  I know it will be difficult to return to work, so we’ll see how that goes.
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Tour de Bubby

We just returned from a weeklong road trip with little man.  Our first!  As all of you are probably aware, the amount of “stuff” required for traveling has apparently tripled now.  :-)  I planned as much as I could.  We took 3 casual outfits each, plus one nice outfit each, and then I packed one onesie a day for him, with the expectation that he’d go through them all more quickly than that and we would do laundry at my parents.  I did not, however, pack nearly enough burp cloths (7).  I should have doubled that amount.

We first went to Columbia and spent two nights with Grandma & Grandpa Robins.  Bubby got to meet an aunt and two uncles on this stop, including one at 4 in the morning (the only time we could catch each other–we were up for a feeding and he was up playing videogames).

While here, we also stopped by our old stomping grounds at MU to visit some of Thomas’ college friends.  We told Bubby he was visiting his future college.  :-) The bookstore and Brady Commons (now just called the student union) have been fixed up a wee bit.  There’s even a sushi bar now.  ::sigh::

We headed to St. Louis next, visiting a hodge podge of college friends and Thomas’ family, all crammed into less than 24 hours.  We were exhausted by the time we hit the hotel.  Our pack and play was well-used on this trip, substituting for the co-sleeper.  We were able to find a way to cram it in next to the bed at every stop, including here.  It was nice to bring along, because it also has a changing table on the end that flips up over the top to be the perfect height.  It’s a Carter’s pack-n-play, and they make a cushy mattress pad for it, Bubbers loved it.  And the best part?  Happy Tree Friends got to go everywhere with us! :-)

Meanwhile, Mom was getting a big party ready to welcome little man to the country.  We left St. Louis on Saturday and headed down to my parents. Grandpa & Grandma Yount got some playtime in.  Dad has this great Daffy Duck voice and fun whistles and calls–Thomas and I can’t recreate them–and Bubby really gets a kick out of it.

Sunday afternoon, a bunch of family members from both sides (on my side) and close family friends got together to chow down on a bevy of beautiful desserts my Mom made (this is only about half of them) and try to hold the guest of honor.  It was knock-down, drag-out fight sometimes, I tell ya. ;-)

The centerpiece was a tractor that my Aunt Patti and Uncle Tony bought Izzy.  It will be so cute when he’s old enough to use it! (I can say that now, before he’s crashing into our cars or furniture with it.) My mom couldn’t wait, though, and had to get Bubby to pose before we left.

A highlight of the trip for me was Izzy getting to meet his sole surviving great grandparent. It was really special to me that he got to meet my Grandma.  Here are the four generations:

A fun thing at my parents? Dad dug out MY baby swing, circa 1978.  Wow.  lol Worked like a charm–put a fussy Bubby to sleep in record time.

At my parents’, my second cousin had given Mom an awesome activity mat and we tried it out the first night we were there.  Bubby LOVED it, and by the time we were back in Columbia for our last leg of the trip, was getting the hang of batting at objects intentionally.  So fun to watch him figure out new things.

Ultimately, the purpose of the trip was meeting a lot of special people in our life.  And boy, did he.  Somewhere between 50-100 of them (click on the picture below to see it larger).  Our goal was to get pictures of everyone, but unfortunately, we missed some.  I’m glad we had the time to make this trip–he got to meet so many people that love him already.  It was a little hectic sometimes, breastfeeding in the car at gas stations, washing diapers, and making do without our magical swing, but we did it!

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Hee Hee

This was Jack a few weeks ago while I was on the loveseat in the living room. I wouldn’t let him actually sit *on* my belly, so he grumpily settled on top of the couch cushions and then slowly s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d one paw out until it touched my belly. LOL A.DORK.ABLE. He probably wouldn’t have to stretch so far, now!


Random post is random

We moved the scrapbook room into the guest room and emptied the soon-to-be nursery today!  (Waiting to paint, then moving baby stuff right on in!)  My desk and all the electronics are set up (thank you, sweetie), hence the ability to blog.  However, the space is definitely not finished–or even all put away, so no pics yet.

Instead, I thought I’d share some random pics off the computer, because I’m in the mood to blog, even without truly blogworthy material.  :-)

My best friend from college, and myself, at the Chicago Zoo this summer when we went to visit her for a last hurrah before she moved.  She’s studying to be an urban planner in another city…  I miss her!  Will get to see her at my baby shower back home in March.

Some art on display in the Fine Arts building at KU.  Snapped on my last official day as a grad assistant…  ::sniff sniff::  Hard to see, but there is a hand coming out of the front/top, writing on the guitar.  Liked this piece.

Apparently, we used to collect pez?  I’m not sure why I had all these nor why I snapped a pic.  And why do I have 2 gonzos???

Ahh, spring.  I’m already ready for you!  I usually quite enjoy winter, but I’m a little impatient for this one to pass.  :-)  This is a shot out our front door at our last apartment before the house–so over 2 years ago!!

::love::  This pic is from a hike T and I took on easily the most humid day of July 2010, back home in F’town…  Miss walks outside, too!  Cabin fever………………………………………

Hope you’re not climbing the walls yet…  And to my pals in blogland, I will soon be able to more easily make comments, since I’ve got this computer stationed in my scrapbook room. It was too difficult to comment on my phone, but trust me, I’ve been reading and thinking about you all!!!



The WordPress app on my phone quit working, which is part of the reason I’ve been absent. Much of my blogging is from my phone.

Also, T’s Dad had some major surgery, I have been getting my new stressful job under my belt, and haven’t had the time/energy to post.

But the biggest reason is something I can’t tell you yet. I owe it to someone else to tell them first. And it has been very difficult for me to stay quiet, so it’s been easier to stay offline. But I will share tomorrow, I promise!