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Always Re-organizing…


I can never seem to get my space right. And I can tell, because it looks like this:

Things aren’t easy to put away, so then I pile it up, and I don’t have a good workflow where I hold myself accountable for cleaning before creating. I shop more than I create and supplies no longer fit where they should.

My stuff has never been properly organized since we moved in the summer of 2019. I really thought I packed decently, and thought I unpacked decently, but in reality, I needed time in my new space to really figure things out. I’ve finally figured out that it’s more important for me to have a functional space that holds everything than a “pretty” one that spreads my stuff hither thither and yon, so I’m giving that a big ol’ go and we’ll see where we go from here. Because it truly never ends.

Organization & Storage, Scrapbooking

Scrappy Space


I finally was able to dig my scrapbook room/our guest room out from under the debris leftover from spring break, when I last got my scrap on…  So I snapped some pics with my phone and uploaded them to 2Peas.  Practically everything fits on the Expedit–this is as close as I’ve ever been, anyway.  I’m considering making a video walkthrough this summer, I’ll post if I do.  But if you’d like to see my tiny but mighty scrap space, then click here!

Organization & Storage, Scrapbooking


Look what we got during our trip to Chicago!!! An IKEA Expedit bookcase and desk!

This is definitely going to be a work in progress, because I want to ultimately store all my supplies here (and right now, there’s a lot of other stuff involved in the room), score some tempered glass for the work surface, and redo the chair. But until then, these make me swoon!

Tell your friends, I’m going to be doing HUGE purging and will be offering most (if not all) items for free, just pay shipping. I’m paring down and freeing up. :-)