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All the layouts yet to be shared in 2010! (And the end of YAWYK!)

In no particular order, layouts I haven’t shared yet!  And the last of YAWYK!


I may have scrapped these pics before…  not sure.  These were taken during our staycation in May 2009.  We stayed at a hotel on the Plaza in KC and roamed through the Nelson-Atkins art museum and grounds.  I thought I may enjoy looking back at this picture one day and remembering what it felt like to be at rest–I have a feeling we will have a shortage of that in our lives from now on!

I used a free shape that came with my Silhouette, scattered it across the background in various sizes and placements, and welded it together to make the purple layer.  Then I used the offset tool to create a shadow effect with gray cardstock.  I used my clear sparkle gel pen to add dots and extend the lines of the background piece.  My favorite touch is the little bit of rhinestones, all about.

Random thoughts while reading facebook:

This is awful, but I think it was a sign of things to come.  I actually made this layout a few weeks before leaving facebook entirely.  I saw these vellum quotes on clearance and the snark cracked me up.  They also made me instantly think of FB.  You know, all the fake status updates?  And I have stories, people.  Stories of undergrads who stacked up several hundred FB friends like firewood, including crazy ex-boyfriends, and would let page after page of status war drama erupt when they got a new crazy boyfriend instead of, oh I don’t know, defriending the ex?!  Some people were constant Debbie Downers and that’s one of my bigger pet peeves.  Plus dirty laundry that didn’t need to be aired…  The list goes on and on.

17 wks:

OK, this photo is all kinds of a hot mess, but bear with me.  I re-stuck-down all the loose-coming-up bits, but apparently didn’t bother getting another photo of the LO.  Just trust me it looks better in real life!  You also can’t tell, but the top of the layout is punched in the same scalloped manner as the journaling labels.  A favorite LO of mine, for a lot of reasons.  :-)

miss emily claire:

Birth announcement from some friends–amazing story.  They adopted the little boy, and while in Africa to finalize everything, found out she was pregnant with this little girl!

A better look at all the acetate I managed to use up, and how nicely the flourishes in the background cardstock, acetate pieces, and on the actual birth announcement work together!


From the same staycation the first layout’s pics were from…  The fun thing about staycation is that we both get to go out and let loose a bit, without worrying about a designated driver–that’s what cabs are for!  So we camped out on the Plaza, listening to a pretty horrid cover band…  but it was still a lot of fun.  There was a funny pic of me with what I call my “fish face,” all googly eyed, but there wasn’t really room on the LO for it (thank goodness for small miracles…).  The zebra patterned paper and the colors in the background were all lifted directly from the shirt I was wearing, a red and black zebra print tee.  Oh, well!

YAWYK Count:  2010/2010

rest LO:
1874-1878) 6 sheets cardstock (I sorta lost 2 while experimenting with cut settings on the SSD)
1879-1890) 12 rhinestones
1891-1894) 4 stickers
1895-1898) 4 photo corners

facebook lo:
1899-1900) 2 sheets cardstock
1901) book of vellum quotes
1902-1917) 16 eyelets
1918-1920) 3 mini flower brads (ugh, the bane of my mini-brad loving existence.  Well, those and square mini-brads.)

17 wks:
1921) pink cardstock
1922-1925) 4 silk flowers
1926-1928) 3 rhinestone brads
1929-1934) 6 journaling spots (I chewed up a couple experimenting with my punch)
1935-1939) 5 stickers

miss emily claire lo:
1940) 1 sheet cardstock
1941-1944) 4 acetate pieces
1945-1959) 15 stickers & rub-ons

staycation lo:
1960-1961) 2 sheets pp/cs
1962-1976) 16 stickers/thickers
1977) journaling spot

random last minute purging to make my 2010 goal!

1978-2010) 23 oogly flowers from stash, boom gone!

WHOO-HOO I DID IT!  And you know what?  I think I’ll aim for 2011 in the next year.  Gotta be easier than 2010 in 5 months!

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What was that?!

I did this layout a few weeks ago, dealing with my frustration over whether or not I was feeling the baby move.  I can now joyously state that I am definitely feeling that baby move!!!  A lot!  :-D  It is not always a wonderful feeling, yet is the best feeling, all at the same time.

I handcut the label shapes (pre-Silhouette layout here)…  All the butterflies are stamped and heat embossed on kraft cardstock.  I then took pinches from each of the colors I used and did a mixed heat emboss on the flourish of little bfs on the right hand side.

YAWYK count: 1873/2010 (137 to go)

1858-1860) 3 sheets patterned paper/cardstock
1861-1873) 13 stickers
1874) dead adhesive runner

-1874) new adhesive runner

Birthday, YAWYK


I found this pic last night, just waiting to be scrapped for, oh, the past year and a half…  :-)  No matter, it was the perfect opportunity to break in my new Silhouette SD!  The layout’s theme was the iPod Thomas broke down and got himself for his birthday.  I found a music font on, found a handful of characters I liked, arranged them in varying sizes, welded them together and voila!  Instant cool background.  I was very happy with my first embellie cut from this machine!

A close-up of the super-intricate cutting on that drumset!

And a huge YAWYK update!  I will definitely hit my goal of using up or otherwise getting rid of 2010 items in 2010!  I know it didn’t seem possible, but I’ve got 3 big Christmas projects that are finally concluded, plus all the stuff I can now sell or give away since my Silhouette handily replaces them all!  (The really good news, though?  My scrapping goal for next year will be far more interesting for you guys.  I’m channeling Late Blossom and trying to use all of my stamps in 2011, which will result in more projects to share!)

YAWYK Count:  1857/2010

2011 calendars (which failed miserably and then turned into albums) for the soon-to-be-grandparents:

1028-1029) 2 ready-to-scrap calendars

1030-1309) 280 letter and number stickers

1310 – 1361) 52 sheets of patterned paper and cardstock

1362-1378) 17 embellishments

1379-1380) 2 books dried out rub-ons

2nd cousin’s first year album:

1381-1382) album and strap hinge kit

1383-1404) 22 sheets cardstock

1405-1435) 31 embellishments

Being replaced by my Silhouette:

1436-1444) 9 alphabets

1445-1447) 3 machines

1448-1449) 2 sets of cutting mats

1450-1482) 33 individual sizzlits!

Additional purging yesterday!

1483-1494) 12 ugly sheets paper

1495-1502) 8 dried up markers & pens

1503-1511) 9 ready-to-scrap 12×12 calendars (the first 2 were such a disaster that I’m just giving them all away.  Sigh.)

1512-1514) 3 vintage paper items

1515-1532) 18 square brads

1533-1556) 24 weeded out flowers

1555-1563) 7 starbucks cozies (long story)

1562-1607) 44 Christmas swap items (not finished items, just die cuts and ribbon scraps), long unused, wrinkled or otherwise not my style

1606-1626) 19 1/2 used letter sticker sets

1625-1724) 98 journaling spots (well, over half of them were index cards…  the other half were ones that I could easily recreate with stamps)

Used on the Christmas cards that my students made and we send out every year:

1725-1840) 116 square brads (I just don’t like them, so donated away!) and big gold brads (ditto!)

iBirthday LO:

1841-1843) 2 sheets paper

1844-1852) 9 rub-ons

1853-1857) 5 mini-brads

So…  153 more to go!  Soooooo close!

Scrapbooking, YAWYK

Seemingly Eternal De-Stash, con.

On the downhill slope, now! Whoo-hoo!
YAWYK count:

924-944) 21 alpha sticker sets, half gone
945-946) 2 sets half used border stickers
947-950) 4 bent abc flashcards
951-953) Altering Detritus: Coin wrapper, Sticker, Toothbrush
954-957) 4 pieces memorabilia
958-960) 3 lengths of hemp
961) Mini album
962) Notepad
963-979) 17 bookmarks (will be coworker Christmas gifts)
980) Dup sizzix die
981) Chalk
982-987) 6 sm punches
988) Dup chipboard alpha
989) Ugly deco tape
990-995) 6 bent sheets of cardstock
996-998) 3 bent envies
999-1001) 3 pics I’ll never scrap
1002) leftover fleece
1003-1016) 13 inkpads
1017) t square that was supposed to work like a stamp positioner, but never did
1018) Clear stamp roller–don’t buy that, it’s junk
1019-1027) 9 reinkers

Scrapbooking, YAWYK

Going, Going (but not gone yet!)

Some more de-stashing for YAWYK. Tomorrow I will have some scrappage, too, but for today, here’s what I have to add to the list:

YAWYK Count: 729/2010
644-695) 52 non-playing and non-decorative and non-interesting extra cards from a bunch of T’s playing card decks. No clue what I thought I would do with them!
696) dead inkpad
697) busted set of chalks
698) dead adhesive runner–I HATE IT when these break!
699) another broken bucket
700-722) 23 Christmas card envies–I am excited to get the house decorated next weekend so I can begin addressing cards. :-)
723-729) 7 cases worth of stamp sets!

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You Have My Heart Layout

I hated the color of that background piece. But in a small dose, it was quite lovely on a fall layout. I found a complementary piece of patterned paper and put a nice, fat, 10″ square chunk over the expanse of too-much-burnt-orange. And I like the result. Best part? That cardstock is out of my stash forever! I don’t have to think of a way to try and use it ever again! (Can you tell it’s been haunting me for far too long?)

YAWYK Count: 635/2010
590-592) Patterned paper & cardstock
593-596) Brads (they were ‘ribbon loop’ brads, I just snapped them off with heavy-duty scissors.)
597-602) Chipboard & grungeboard pieces
603) journaling tag


604-629) MORE Christmas cards. Dude.
630-632) Oogly cards
633-635) Christmas card envies

Scrapbooking, YAWYK

Holy Guacamole!

I just found another 43 things to pull out of my scrap room.  Craziness!!!  I’d been working on the previous 45 items (previous post) for weeks, then practically doubled it in 5 minutes!!!

YAWYK Count:  589/2010

547) 1 pack of Christmas confetti put with Christmas decorations, can’t wait for the day after Thanksgiving!!!

548-550) 3 Christmas-y mailing labels that I’ll use with cards

551) 1 postcard that I wrote years ago for a friend; think I’ll mail it to her anyway and give her a laugh

552-589) 38 Christmas cards!!!  (These are from BEFORE my scrapbooking days, but I don’t mind using non-handmade this year, especially because I won’t have to buy anything but postage!!!)