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May 2020 Counterfeit Kit Club Challenge

I have always loved the Counterfeit Kit Club Challenge, but haven’t gotten to play along in forever.  I jumped back in again this month, however, and made a mini kit inspired by the CKCC’s choice for May, Echo Park’s March 2020 club kit.

Here is my mini kit:


It includes some stamped embellishments I made (video forthcoming at some point!):


And I’ve already made a page with it!  It was based on a PageMaps sketch, and my flower wreath is very off-center, but oh, well, life is very off-center.  I used some bits and pieces on a 2nd page and will make cards, too–all of which I’ll post later. :)  TFL!


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Layout: Doula Doula

This was our doula, Stefanie, with Bubby about 2.5 weeks after the birth.  She was a huge help, I’ll write more about her as I finish up the birth story.  :-)  She looks just like a doula ought, don’t you think?  :-)  Scrapped this when I went to Archiver’s for a crop night for my birthday a few weeks ago.  Lovely night!!

More of my May Counterfeit Kit.  Nothing too special technique-wise, just some fun and colorful layering that I seem to enjoy.  As you read the title, hum “Louie Louie” or “Mony Mony.” ;-)

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Layout: Spring Is Bustin’ Out All Over

My first layout completed since Bubby was born.  Too much pressure to actually make one about him, so I used my May Counterfeit Kit and some pictures I had printed over a year ago.


Based on this sketch, found about halfway down this article.

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This picture is from Easter 2010, which we spent with T’s parents.  Their church did the living cross, where each person adds a flower to the cross.  It was really beautiful.  It’s not my first time seeing one, but it was my first time grabbing a pic.  This is another iPhone pic.


I don’t normally scrap like this.  I mean, I do single photos pretty often, and I use a lot of white space pretty often, and I use funky color combos pretty often…  But I have never EVER used this many embellishments at once on a layout.  I’m a fairly simple scrapper.


Last count was 33 flowers and 13 brads/eyelets!


For the title, I added a little subtle glimmer with my Sakura Stardust Gelly Roll pen.  Love that little guy.  It is hard to show in pictures, but so easy to see in real life, and quite often adds the perfect touch!  If you look closely in this last photo, you’ll see where I added a shadow effect with my pen.


Thanks for looking!  I have at least one more layout in progress from my kit, hoping to finish and post tomorrow.  If 1) I don’t go into labor, and 2) we get our hot water heater replaced in a timely fashion (sprung a leak last night).

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From my April Counterfeit Kit, a thank you card for a bag full of baby gifts–everything from books to a blankie–for one of T’s coworkers.  And one for a neighbor family down the street, for a Major Saver card they gifted us during my bedrest (yeah, I’m very behind on this one!).


Variations on a theme…  It is easiest for me to cut one sheet of 8.5×11 into 2 cards and just make 2 that are exactly the same, or at least similar, so that’s what I did!  I think I like the first one best–that pop of aqua picks up the aqua stripes in the paper and I think it looks a bit more festive.  The white flowers are almost too stark, I would probably do those in another color if I redid these.  Used my Cuttlebug machine and Sizzix dies, went all old school.  ;-)


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This pic didn’t turn out too bad as a 4×6 for an iPhone pic, did it?  One of our local coffee shops offers a free “classic” movie each Friday night.  We were going pretty regularly last year, and spent our Valentine’s there, too.  T brought little electric tea lights to set about our table and a carved wooden rose, and it was a sweet little date.  I believe this was Roman Holiday, but as much as I love Audrey Hepburn, I’m not positive about that–they showed a lot of Audrey films last year, so I may be mixing them up.


From my April Counterfeit Kit.  I loved the unexpected color combo I was able to create with this kit.  For the title area, I cut up some JBS journaling spots (not in my kit–I tend to add to regular kits all the time, so I figure it’s okay here, too) and tucked them under the ribbon.  I also am *not* a big glitter on acetate fan, so the combination of stickles, MM glitter, and the acetate heart only came about because I turned to my kit contents first…  Otherwise, I would have used some aqua paint to bring that color to the heart.  I’m too impatient, and this was still wet when I adhered it to the layout!


Thanks for looking!  I’ll have a couple of thank you cards from my kit tomorrow.

Previously scheduled post.

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Mom and others not interested in scrappiness–baby shower pics from T’s work are below this post.  :-)

I wasn’t going to play along this month, because honestly, I’ve been expecting this baby every day since February 14, so I really just assumed I’d be a mama by now and wouldn’t have time to play.  But tomorrow is my due date, and still no sign of baby, so…  I finally whipped up a kit.  Here are the original papers:

And here are mine, pulled from my stash.  Sorry so dark…  And I reversed my 2 papers in my center block…  Otherwise, I subbed with papers that were similar, or close enough for me.  :-)  I actually probably had some type of postmark paper, but loved that Candy Shoppe polka dots piece I didn’t bother looking too hard (hey, both graphics are circular…  and on a white background…).


And here is a link to all the embellies in the original.  And below are my embellies:


Lots of fun goodies.  And MAN is it a lot of paper!  I don’t know how much of the kit I’ll get to use, but I’ll have some fun playing while I can.  :-)