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using beginner ink-blending techniques! <3 So easy an elf can do it! ;)

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Organize your clear stamps with me!

Come grab your stamps and hang out with me while we go through our current stamp collection and whittle it down. Look for duplicates, crossovers, or stamps that are no longer your style and pull them out. Set them aside to sell, donate, or give away. Then re-sort your remaining stamps into broad categories like:

  • travel
  • floral
  • cards
  • alphabets
  • journaling
  • animals
  • food
  • Christmas
  • seasons
  • indoors
  • outdoors
  • hobbies
  • kids
  • icons

Consider how you might green up the process–what can you reuse, recycle, or upcycle? Next we’ll clean our stamps and start making labels!

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Love Being Together


Minimal use of paper, a great way to use leftover cut-aparts.

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Beside the Point

Used some of my DIY pencil embellishments for this page. <3 They were so little.


I loved making these cute little pencil embellishments from scraps!  I used scallop deco scissors for the sharpened edge on the pencil.  Very fun. <3  I’ll share more details tomorrow!

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DIY Pencil Embellishments


Today I’m doing a quick walkthrough of how I made these adorable pencil embellishments.  I love them, they’re short and chunky and super cute (kinda’ like me! LOL).


First, I chose scraps to start with.  In this case, I was making these pencils as part of a kit, so I chose scraps either directly from the kit, or that matched and coordinated with the papers I had in the kit.


Next, I trimmed the scraps to .75″ and cut similar sized strips out of kraft cardstock to create the wood element of the pencils.  At this point, I also matched up some strips and layered them to create multicolored pencils.


Next, I trimmed the ends of the colored strips with scallop deco scissors.  I did the same thing with some white strips of paper, then layered them on top of the kraft strips, which I simply cut into a point!  I used tiny matching scraps for the pencil leads. :)


For a few of them, I trimmed some gold glitter washi and pink cardstock scraps to become erasers.  For all of them, I used my smallest corner rounder to round off the bottoms.

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Thankful Heart

Here’s to hoping my beautiful daughter is always willing to run forward through life–while still coming back to me to share her discoveries. <3

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The kids *still* talk about this experience, so many years later! We will have to be sure to visit again when we are in KC next.