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DIY Day and Month Stickers

Quite awhile ago, there was a new kit or collection that I was absolutely stuck on. Has that ever happened to you? I was dreaming about it, itching to hit buy. But it wasn’t in the budget for the month, and I knew it would be sold out by the time I could purchase it. So, I counterfeited it! I made my own version, using my stash and tools.

There were some cute puffy stickers in the kit.  Mine weren’t puffy, but oh, well, those tend to disintegrate over time, anyway, so I don’t really want them in my books.  I popped these with foam tape underneath and they are still super cute.

  1. First I matched up some days and month stamps to punched circles from coordinating scraps.  (You’ll notice the full day and month doesn’t fit–the originals used only three letter abbreviations on each sticker, and I intended to recreate that.)

2. I selectively inked up the first three letters of each day and month and heat embossed those letters in white on each circle.  To save my fingers as I hit it with the heat gun, I stuck the circles on a strip of post-it tape instead of trying to hold them.


3. And, for the big finale–there is no third step!! :D That was it–super easy.  All from scraps and reusable items.  LOVE IT.  

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May 2020 Counterfeit Kit Club Challenge

I have always loved the Counterfeit Kit Club Challenge, but haven’t gotten to play along in forever.  I jumped back in again this month, however, and made a mini kit inspired by the CKCC’s choice for May, Echo Park’s March 2020 club kit.

Here is my mini kit:


It includes some stamped embellishments I made (video forthcoming at some point!):


And I’ve already made a page with it!  It was based on a PageMaps sketch, and my flower wreath is very off-center, but oh, well, life is very off-center.  I used some bits and pieces on a 2nd page and will make cards, too–all of which I’ll post later. :)  TFL!


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Scrappy Backgrounds

Last year, I decided I was on a mission to use up my scraps.  I have YET to realize this goal. :)  But I found a process I have really enjoyed, and wanted to share.  First, I was inspired by this article by Rockester.  (It’s an older article, and the pictures are missing, but you can get the idea by reading it.)  I liked the idea of monochromatic layouts–I typically struggle with these, but like the simple look of them.  Around the same time, some online scrappy friends were discussing The Perfect Collection concept by Shimelle Laine. Basically, it’s taking a collection pack and chopping it up into commonly used sizes, then creating backgrounds with the pieces.  Shimelle also used to do a series called Starting Points on her blog, where she would create a background, and challenge her readers to make a layout on top of that background design.

SO.  A big soup of ideas coalesced in my head, and this is what came out of it!  Scrappy Backgrounds. My goal was to only make backgrounds, a la Starting Points.  I was not going to be creating layouts from start to finish. I would keep these backgrounds for quick scrapping later on down the road.  This allowed me to use my scraps and be creative, without pressure to find the perfect photos RIGHT NOW.

First, I sorted my scraps by color family.

Then, I chopped up my scraps into commonly used pieces, a la The Perfect Collection. If I had specific ideas, I paired punches or other items with the trimmed scrap piles.

Then I put them together.  First as monochromatic, colorblocked layouts, a la Rockester.

And eventually, I began scraplifting looks I liked from Scrapbook Generation, or just ideas that popped into my head that I wanted to try out.  Again, all with scraps.

I have a whole range of colors, and while most of these ended up as one pagers, I made sure to do a couple of 2 page backgrounds, too.

In a later post, I’ll share how I go from one of these to a finished layout!  TFV!