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Hee Hee

This was Jack a few weeks ago while I was on the loveseat in the living room. I wouldn’t let him actually sit *on* my belly, so he grumpily settled on top of the couch cushions and then slowly s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d one paw out until it touched my belly. LOL A.DORK.ABLE. He probably wouldn’t have to stretch so far, now!

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Bed Rest Essentials Part Deux

I realized I forgot a few of the essentials that helped me while on bed rest for the past 4.5 weeks…  I am so excited to share them, because yesterday was my FIRST DAY OFF BED REST!!!!!!!!!!!!  Very exciting, and I think I overdid it a wee bit (hit 2 garage sales, had some friends over, went shopping and out to eat before our last childbirth class…), so I took it extremely easy today.  Lots of lying down, and I haven’t left the house or done laundry.  ;-)  I have edited and ordered  a lot of pictures, began working on my stamps index, and began officially packing my hospital bag, and that’s it!  (I’d been putting that off, because, frankly, it makes it all the more real that I am going to be experiencing labor at some point…)  Anyway, as a farewell to bed rest, here’s a few more things that helped me…

1)  Bendy straws.  Seriously.  Impossible to drink that 100 oz. of water/day without these little guys.  Although I did try, and was promptly rewarded with a big wet splash.

2) Pillows.  I had a system, 2 under my head, 1 between my knees, 1 behind me/over my side (helped prop up my arm when I was using it, or helped support my back), and 1 in front of me to support my belly.

3) Cards, blog comments, e-mails, and twitter mentions.  It made my day every single time someone checked in on me.  And I discovered some very thoughtful people in my life that cared for me more than I knew.  How humbling!  I have to get better about sending cards.  I already knew that we had been on countless prayer lists, but there were also so many people praying for us, what a blessing!

4) Meals.  We would have quickly succumbed to fast food every single night, but Thomas’ work provided three meals, my work provided two, our church provided three, and my Mom supplied, well, a lot.  Since there’s just the 2 of us, each meal supplied at least 2 days worth of food.  It was so helpful and it kept us eating actual produce and real protein and dairy.  And while we did supplement a bit with fast food and ramen occasionally, it helped to have “real” food to eat otherwise.

5) The kitties and Thomas.  What can I say?  Murray & Jack kept me social, gave me something to cuddle, and at least one of them would come check on me anytime I was upset over something.  Thomas was superman, cleaning the house, cooking, doing insane amounts of laundry, finishing up a number of house projects, and just overall waiting on me and loving me.  I definitely couldn’t have done this without him, but then I can’t do much of anything without him, we’re just a very necessary team.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Mmmwwahhhh, babe.  Love you (and I LOVE this pic of you from our Wyoming trip–hot).  ;-)

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2-3 Minute Bedrest Scrap Sessions: A Lovely Day in the Park

I did a movie on my phone that I had originally planned on sharing here, but you can’t really edit those and I grew unmotivated to mess with it.  :-)  But I do have pics I snapped of each step of my process so everyone can get an idea of how I’ve been doing this on bedrest–without worrying that I am in anyway endangering my baby.  Those of you who are familiar with my story know how long we’ve waited, and how special the bean is, so of course I wouldn’t be up more than my doctor has told me I can be.  He lets me up 10% of my day–so all I have to do is carefully manage that time.  I keep track of meals, bathroom, shower, etc. so I know I’m not going over my limit.  So, here goes!

Step 1) In bed:  I sketched out my idea for the layout, going off memory on what pics I have waiting to be scrapped, and referring back to the picture I snapped of my kit contents on my phone.  This way, I could even notate specific supplies so my time up would be used efficiently.

Step 2) 3 minutes up after shower:  I pulled my needed supplies from my kit (took less than a minute) and spent remaining time trimming photos to be sure they would fit the space I thought they would.

Step 3) 2 minutes up after lunch:  Adhered photos.

Step 4) 3 minutes up after a RR break: Trimmed and adhered patterned paper strips.

Step 5) 2 minutes after dinner:  Skipped cutting letters with my Silhouette as I’d originally planned (it was getting late in the day at this point, and I wanted this one done!), and threw together most of a quick title block with kit contents and a pen.

Step 6) On the couch:  strung buttons.  :-)

Step 7) 3 minutes after RR break:  Adhered buttons, and voila!!!

FINISHED! :-) Took all day, but only 13 minutes up! :-)  Sorry for the small pics, but I can’t enlarge them too much, confidentiality, etc., for our foster kids this summer.  Thanks for visiting!

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My Bed Rest Essentials

Lambert’s Mug to keep up with my 100 oz. of water a day requirement…

Netflix Streaming…  I’m on season 5 of The Cosby Show, episode 3 of My So-Called Life, and about halfway through Emma.  Rather mindless and addicting.

Hexic on XBox…  Ditto.

iPhone:  It’s difficult to comment on blogs or do Twitter on here, but otherwise, this is really keeping me sane.  I can look up pregnancy questions, play games, check my work e-mail, listen to Adele’s new album on repeat, etc.

Debit card to provide funding for all the little nursery touches I can’t go out and shop for, like this yummy valance.  The vinyl decals come this week…  Can’t wait ’til I’m off bedrest so I can put everything up!

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OK, it’s kicking in…

I am significantly less stressed on bed rest.  My contractions are nearly non-existent, and I am able to catch up on sleep when insomnia or baby kicks keep me up.  BUT.  I have  been on the main level of our house (we have a garage, family room, and laundry room downstairs) now since Valentine’s Day.  I did go out on the deck once for a few minutes last week.  Otherwise, I shuffle  between the air mattress in the living room, the bed in the guest room, or our bed in the master  bedroom.  I am starting to get worried about blood clots and downing water like I’m the personification of the Saharan desert.  I might be getting a touch of cabin fever, but I think that doesn’t bother me as much as it would other people because I’m a big homebody in general.  More than anything, I am just getting over all restless.  I started reading a bunch of old Splitcoaststampers Weekly Inklings and it has made me miss scrapbooking so much.  I just can’t do it lying down…  I think if I could sit up in bed, I’d be fine.  There’s so many ways I could keep busy if I could sit up…  It’s just difficult being flat so much…  You can only prop yourself up on one arm for so long.  I am starting to feel sorry for myself and third trimester hormone floods aren’t helping.  I’m being overly sensitive, feeling left out, and reading too much about scary birth stories.

OK, so pity party over.  I know that this is worth it.  I know that our baby will make me forget every frustrating moment.  And we have waited so long, this is a drop in the bucket compared to the struggles we faced to even get this far.  I know it, I do.  And my mother jokes that I always find the hardest way to do everything, so this is par for the course, right?  :-)  (That actually really made me chuckle, it is so true.)  We have so much to look forward to.

This is our crib--but without all the bedding. We'll have a simple fitted sheet, and hopefully find a dust ruffle, but otherwise none of the fancy bedding--did you know you're not supposed to use all the pretty stuff because of risk of SIDS? Things no one tells you...!

Even if little baby is early, at this point, he or she has a very good chance of not only surviving, but thriving, with smaller and smaller chances of any long-term problems every single day.  In fact, my fetal fibronectin test was negative, which means baby should be staying put until the end of February at the least, putting him or her at almost 32 weeks.  At 32 weeks, they may have a NICU stay, but studies show no overall long-term difficulties between 32 weekers and full-term babies.  So we’re good.  I know we are.

And we’re blessed.  Church, T’s work, and my work are all providing meals.  My mom and dad are coming this weekend, and mom is totally spoiling me, cooking some of my favorites, and leaving us goodies for the next week.  My dad will help T complete a bunch of little projects around the house, including putting the crib together, which will be so neat to see in the nursery.  We’re getting help cleaning our house next week…  I know this is definitely not the end of the world, merely a pitstop on the way to a huge huge change in our lives that we have looked forward to for so long…

I just have to remind myself sometimes, ya know?  Thanks for listening.  ;-)

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Sorry for the confusion…

But I’m back!  And I will probably be around the ol’ blog a bit more for the next month or so.  My doctor put me on bedrest on Monday.  I’m okay, and little one is okay, just that my body seems to want to get things moving, and baby still needs to bake!  So I’m horizontal 90% of my day–I can be up for meals, restroom, and shower, but have to otherwise be flat…

I had already reduced my physical activity for the previous 5 weeks, and it didn’t seem to be helping.  So I am curious to see how crazy guerilla reduction of physical activity will affect things…  I think the best part of all of this is that it will reduce a lot of my job-related stress.  This year just been *too* much.  Too much change, too much to do, too much stress.  I’ve really been overloaded and overwhelmed, and I’ve noticed everytime I felt stress, had a stressful interaction, etc., I had a contraction pretty soon after that.  Although I have to also say that my contractions had eased up considerably in the past two weeks, too (I had been having them about 3/hour for a few weeks prior, and recently it’s more like 3-5 all day instead.).

Anyway, we’ll see.  I am thankful because they gave me a test to see if I was in pre-term labor and would deliver in the next two weeks, and it was negative!  I go back on the 28th and we’ll check again.  But until then, we’re just hanging out!  T has been wonderful, of course.  I worry about him, so prayers for all 3 of us would be appreciated.  Our church, and both our workplaces, and some friends have all offered to bring us meals and help out, so we are feeling very supported and blessed.  I’m investigating a few local housekeeping services today…  I have some friends coming over this weekend, my parents the weekend after that, and more friends a few weeks after that.  I am going to try to get permission to go to a baby shower next week as well…  The most frustrating thing at this point?  That we are having weather near 70 degrees today and I can’t take a walk.  But I am excited to open all the windows.  :-)