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Double Page Scrapbooking Sketch

Ugh, sometimes I hate WordPress because it cuts off my images… Grrr. Anyway, hey! I’m here today with a free double 8 1/2 x 11 scrapbooking sketch. Measurements included on the pic, everything is a nice round number. :) Hope you can use it! Here is the video to go with it.

1 thought on “Double Page Scrapbooking Sketch”

  1. Blogspot does that, too, if it’s larger than their area so you have to choose a smaller image size when you insert it in your post (it’s an option) but it can be viewed larger if the image is clicked on.
    Nice page! I’m not really one to watch videos so if you don’t mind some CC, it’d be nice to see the finished layout without having to FF to the end. :)

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