Cheap & Green

Most Efficient Way to Cut 5″ x 7″ Mats for Scrapbooking & Cardmaking

Ever sailed into chopping up a piece of paper, and before you knew it, you’d cut only part of what you needed, but were out of usable pieces? I’ve done it so many times, and it is so frustrating to waste so much or, then, not have enough to complete a project. So today I’m sharing the best way to cut 5” x 7” pieces for your scrapbooking or cardmaking to save you money, time, and product! Instructions and free printable below the video!

  1. Mark sheet at 5” mark, rotate and repeat until you have marked all four sides at the 5” mark.
  2. Use a straight edge to draw down from the 5” mark 7”.  Repeat for all four sides.
  3. Cut on lines.
  4. Results:
    *Four 5” x 7” pieces
    *One 2” x 2” scrap
  1. Cut entire 8½” x 11” sheet at the 7” wide mark.
  2. Cut remaining 7” x 11” block at the 5” then 10” marks.
  3. Results: 
    *Two 5” x 7” pieces
    *One 1½” x 11” scrap
    *One 1” x 7” scrap

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