listicle, random thoughts

Hey, there. :) Stream of consciousness listicle time–

How is everyone in blogland? Some thoughts I’ve wrestled with this week in my creative pursuits……..

*why are UFOs so hard to finish?

*why do I still have so much burgundy cardstock?

*why is my creative juice limited? Is it just energy levels, or is it also related to my job being creative? And so when I am creative at work I struggle to be creative at home? Or is it related to my brain/attention span?

*why do I generally love organizing but can’t seem to finish this @#$%^(*&^%^&*&^ stamp re-organization project? I sat down last night to type in my index sheet while I watched a movie and it was *PURE TORTURE* I managed to get 8 more sets in *ALL NIGHT*

*should I continue to run Crafts Collaborative or pack it all up and mail it to Make and Mend as a donation? Seriously seriously considering it.

*Any thoughts rattling around in your creative brain?

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