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Scrappy Goals February Check-In

*Complete 20 layouts from our 2018 Disney trip. Two down so far! Process video here. :)

*Step up my elegant card-making game–don’t just go for easy, cute, whimsical, done! Specifically…
***10 Sympathy/Get Well
***10 Birthday
***10 Thank You
***100 Christmas (😱)

I am struggling with this one! I did one birthday card, but used it immediately, and then only managed 4 Christmas cards. :/ But they were pretty!

*Use at least 10 of my Scrapbook Generation kits. Used two more this month (the Disney layout above and the one pictured below), which means I have 6 left to use to meet this goal.

*Improve my photo workflow and storage by working on photo management for 2 hours each month. Started the next photobook, but I’m not sure that I am really addressing this goal. May need to rethink.

*Continue posting here 3x/week and on my YouTube channel 1x/week. Had a couple close calls, but I think I’ve managed it again!

What goals have you set for yourself in 2021, and how are you doing?

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