Do you have a No-Buy List?

If I have a lot of some scrappy something–OR tools that can make more of that something–then that item goes on my No-Buy List. That means, well, I can’t buy stuff on that list. It’s a necessary tool that really helps me think before a purchase. I’ve created a page on my blog to house my No-Buy List so it’s easier to access all the time! For me, it is also part of my minimalism journey (and no, I don’t care if that sounds pretentious, I don’t know what else to call it 😂).

Minimalism is not about having less. It is about making room for more of what matters.


Here’s what’s currently on my list. Do you use one? What’s on yours, if so?

Alphabet Stickers

This means Thickers, regular stickers, rub-ons, etc. Not only do I have dozens already, I have enough dies and stamps, through old school steel rule dies to recent Freckled Fawn to make pretty much anything I want. I’m good.

Alphabet Dies

Related to this–I don’t need anymore alpha dies. I *want* some, but I don’t think I need them right now. Notice I won’t commit to adding alpha stamps to this list yet, however…

Ribbon, Fibers, & Floss

…but not twine! Not yet…

Any Size Paper Pads or Collection Packs

I have four cubes+ full of paper. I know I was happiest when I had *one* cube full of paper. I won’t commit to banning single sheets yet, so I still have some outlet.


I have four drawers just for punches! They’re small drawers, but still! Pretty sure I can make whatever I need or want with them.

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