7 Ways to Make your Scrapbooking More Sustainable

It is important and necessary to explore how we can increase the sustainability of our habits and hobbies and reduce any possible negative environmental impact.  That said, it can also be overwhelming.  


Meaningful change can happen even when it’s imperfect.  We just need lots of people to try!  To that end, here are a few easy-to-implement changes I hope you’ll consider! (Items bolded can be seen in the layout above.)

*Recycle packaging and scraps that are larger than your fist (but not smaller!  Here’s why…)

*Save smaller scraps to punch or die cut small shapes from (The hearts were punched and die cut from scraps.)

*Purchase single sheets instead of collection packs to reduce packaging waste

*Use cutaway strips for banners, borders, or small label embellishments (The long red polka dot banner on the left was a cutaway strip along the bottom of another piece of paper.)

*Shop secondhand–LSS Garage Sales, Facebook Marketplace or resale groups, Swaps at crops, thrift stores, etc.

*Gut cardstock when using a whole sheet–but not needing the whole sheet–such as when matting a layout (I cut out a big piece from the center of the hot pink cardstock that I matted the pink paint paper on and used it to mat the photos!)

*Reuse containers and items from around the house as supply storage

What do you think? Later on, I’ll share Levels Two and Three, in case these are already second nature to you!  <3

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