Scrapping my Stash

I had humble beginnings.  A shelf in our bedroom.  Which quickly grew to overtake half of our living room in our tiny one bedroom apartment.  Fast forward to a house, with an entire ROOM, which I had no problem filling.  When I had to condense down to half a room and share with the guest room, I actually found it liberating to purge my stash.  There were so many things I no longer loved or wanted, or had bought because they seemed necessary or an amazing deal…only to be clutter and trash, later.  So I gladly let things go, fit all my stash on my Expedit, and moved forward with that mindset.

That helped a lot when I downsized again, this time to three shelves in our kitchen pantry, as the guest room became my daughter’s bedroom.  I scrapped there for a year and a half, when I was suddenly granted a corner of our basement family room.

This corner should have been more than enough space.  And it is, or was.  But with the increase in space came a small increase in our cash flow, and thus a huge increase in my scrap stash. The thing with scrappy shopping is that it really doesn’t take much money to buy supplies.  There are always sales, coupons, discount retailers, buying secondhand, etc., and it is too easy, I think, to acquire a whopper of a stash. I am back to feeling overwhelmed by my supplies, not inspired, and all I seem to want to do now is shop and re-organize to fit it all, a vicious, unending cycle.  I want the feeling of productivity and creativity and inspiration to be flowing again in my hobby.

My first BANKIT haul from Now I’d like to actually USE some of this yumminess, not just store it!

So, I am setting out to systematically work my way through my scrappy stash.  This is going to take years, probably, as I don’t get to scrap all that often, only in small chunks of time carved out from guilt and unending household chores.  But here I go, I WILL do this, I WILL tame my stash, curb my shopping impulses, and actually USE my supplies to create, which I know from past experience is the most empowering and joyful way to experience my hobby.

It all starts with an inventory!  Click here for a separate page where I will itemize my scrappy stash and link to posts where I share what I did with those items.  I’m excited to try this, and I hope it will inspire someone else, too!


2 thoughts on “Scrapping my Stash”

  1. This is a lofty goal, but I applaud your willingness to try. My guess is, among all my worldwide crafty friends, you have the greatest possibility of actually doing it! I will be watching! ;-)

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