Scrappy Space Tour!

My first video! There’s definitely room for improvement, but I had some mindless down time sans kids this week while recovering from sinus surgery. It allowed me to finally put away all of my scrap crap that has been building for months! And with the clean sweep came the urge to try my first scrappy video, so here she be.

Leave me some feedback! TFL!

4 thoughts on “Scrappy Space Tour!”

  1. I love your organization. I have a whole room and it is a disaster!. wanna come to TN and do some organization?
    We got a huge deal on pegboard late last year and hubby is putting up a half wall all around the room to help me hopefully organize. In my own defense though (I think all of us hoarders say this) my room is filled with paper, sewing, computer, yarning, and other crafts too. I cant just stick with one thing.
    I love your spaces and your attention to details. You did a great job with your video too. Thanks for sharing your space

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