Multiphoto, Scrapbooking, Silhouette SD

LO: Life Lesson #1

Balloons don’t last forever…  :-(

Journaling reads, “You absolutely loved the balloon they gave you at Lambert’s.  You had the best time playing with it, batting it, shaking it…  You had only had mylar balloons before, which died a slow, shrinking death, so as this one drooped lower to the floor, I wondered if you were going to be able to pop it.  Just as I had the thought, what should happen…  but as you played with it…  POP!  I was worried you would be really scared by it, but no…  you just gave a little gasp, and then chattered up a storm to what was left of it. So cute.”

Used Silhouette cuts for the title, balloons, and popped balloons.  Doubled with some gray for a shadow effect.  Twine and buttons reinforced the theme, too.  I ran one balloon through my CB with an embossing folder to give it some texture, and popped the popped balloon up on some dimensional adhesive.  TFL!

1 thought on “LO: Life Lesson #1”

  1. So glad your son’s experience with a popping balloon was much different than my cat’s experience with same! Made me laugh to remember, and she never got over the fear of balloons! Lovely LO, AM, with thoughtful journaling! Sweet photo strip and balloon embellies! Well done! Another memory captured.

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