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Six Months, x2

Sissy, two weeks old:

Sissy, six months old:

What we’ve learned:

  • Re-learning cloth diapering, now for two, full time.  Your Alvas finally came in last month while we were out of town.  Kinda’ in love with the cute patterns.  They do give you even more of a badonkadonk, though. ha!
  • I’m learning how to be a SAHM!  Just started, still finding our groove.  But what strikes me the most so far?  How AT PEACE I am, both with the decision, but also just… in general.  No churning gut as the school year starts and I face leaving you both again every day, only to see you for dinner and bath. :-(  No constant racing against the clock, waking you both up, dragging everything to daycare, racing down the highway after work to pick you up and see you. We have TIME, this rare and precious gift.  I am trying to savor it, to revel in our relaxed breakfast time, enjoy our backyard playtime, sing songs during snack, that kind of thing.  And I am LOVING it, and I think you both are, too, which is what is REALLY important.

  • We have figured out baths, again… They can finally be a one-person job!  We have put you back in your baby/toddler tub, because now you aren’t flipping out of the newborn sling or arching your back over the toddler seat.  Just sitting (and reaching and grabbing for whatever catches your eye at the moment).  You really do seem to finally love the water.  We took you to the pool and waterpark a few times now, using a water sling so I could wear you–and you just get so relaxed and zen.
  • How to set up a buffer zone.  You are officially crawling (albeit still very slowly–I suppose you are “creeping.”).  So now we have started setting up pillows anywhere you may roll over unexpectedly or chew on if you reach them, like in front of the sharp corners on the bottom of our coffee table, and over the piano pedals (I’ve caught you gnawing a piano leg more than once). (Here, you’re looking at a squishy book that was MINE, goodness…  35 years ago.)

What you’ve learned:

  • Definite forward motion.  You LOVE it.  You still do the adorable wiggle-wiggle-wiggle-CRASH when you get excited, but also make conscious decisions to go get a toy or a cat or the piano and MOVE.  You are also enjoying your exersaucer lately, and can work up quite the bounce–almost rivaling your brother at this age–ALMOST.

  • It’s so amazing to notice how refined your hand-eye coordination and motor planning are becoming.  You seem like such a thoughtful little one.  You gaze at a toy placed on your high chair tray for a few moments, then turn it over, and chew it, and back off and look at it again–really study it–before dropping it over the side.  ;-)  Then you bend over the edge of your high chair, chew on the arm, and just staaaare at your toy, so far away now.

What we always want to remember:
  • How, for a few weeks, you would sing yourself to sleep.  You would cry, but quickly wind down to a whine, then the whine would turn into little coos, and you would drift right off.  You haven’t done it for a little while now, and I think I missed my window for capturing it on video.  ::sniffsniff::
  • Your first trip to Fritz’s!  You didn’t care as much for the trains as Brother did, but at least you would wear the hat! ;-)

  • How much you love being outside.  You relax and are very chill when we go outdoors.  It’s a great cure for general fussiness, though on your most clingy days, you still prefer I be on the quilt or next to the swing with you.  xoxox

  • Your first trip to the zoo!  You were a trooper!  We bought a little elephant for you in the gift shop.  You love om-nom-nom-ing its trunk.  ha!

  • How Daddy will trim the coffee filters each morning to fit our mini coffeemaker basket, and gift you with a pretty paper crown, fit for our princess.

  • (Lots of first trips this month!) Your first trip to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art!  You didn’t tolerate the stroller for too terribly long, but were otherwise a peach.  You were particularly attracted to a Tiffany lamp. ;-)  You chose a big knitted block with a cute owl on it as your gift from the gift shop.


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