Layout: (he went) Thattaway

Over a year ago…  Bubby was just over a year old, and our air conditioner went out.  I was expecting Baby Girl, though I didn’t yet realize it.  Thomas had a meeting, and we needed somewhere to escape the stifling heat in our house, so we headed to the playplace at a local mall.  Bubby had a BLAST, crawling, climbing, sliding, and riding all the fun toys.

I used a SG sketch, although I no longer remember which one. It was the first time I tried to really “follow” the sketch, as in using all the measurements, etc., and I found that I didn’t much like it.  It was too fiddly, and time consuming, and frustrating…  I’d much rather look at the sketches, and eyeball it all.  Between the insane trimming and the altering of most of the arrow embellishments, this took far too long.  I LOVE those sketches, but the measuring part is not for me!  LOL

But don’t all the arrows look lovely?  Pretty well cleaned out my arrow stash with this layout.  I have a bunch of Silhouette cuts I should make, clear out some scraps and replenish my stash. :-)  I used mostly chipboard arrows, and then covered them with coordinating paper, but there were some plastic, sticker, acetate, and metal ones in there, too.

I did a lot of stamping and heat embossing with some Studio AE stamps, and then, since I had a lot to say, I typed my journaling.  As a side note, if you’re wondering how I did the pictures, I don’t really recommend it, but here’s how:  I selected all the pics I wanted, then put them into an 8 1/2 x 11 collage.  I didn’t control the arrangement or sizes, just picked one where the ones I liked were big, etc.  Then chopped it up and arranged and trimmed until they fit a sketch.  This was ALSO so time consuming.  I would have been better off thoughtfully arranging them in PhotoSheet, then I could just print and go.  TFL!

1 thought on “Layout: (he went) Thattaway”

  1. Super cute spread, AM! He looks ok-so-happy in those photos, and you can certainly tell how very active he was! ;-) Love, love, love how you did your journaling! Awesome work!

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