Baby Baby

Five Months, x2

Miss Bedelia, two weeks old:

Miss Bedelia, five months old:

What we’ve learned:

  • You have mama’s temperament for mastery of new skills.  You want to be able to do it, and do it well, NOW.  Not after some practice, not by giving it some time, it’s NOW or nothing.  Which may explain your lack of progress on the rolling over/crawling front. :-)  You do scoot backwards, given a long stretch of time, but that’s just not doin’ it for ya.
  • We’re mastering the art of homemade baby food again!  Right now, the freezer is stocked with squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and bananas, with a batch of green beans steaming in the rice cooker as I type.  Your favorites so far have been sweet potatoes, carrots, peas, and bananas.  You didn’t care for food at first, so we put it off for awhile until you were really interested.  Then you didn’t care for your first foods–oatmeal, rice, and squash.  But the first time you laid lips on carrots, there was no stopping you! (And no, I don’t blame us for using homemade food, either–we used storebought during our big trip, and you weren’t really a fan, then, either.)
  • I can no longer play on my phone while nursing you or trying to rock you to sleep.  You pay entirely TOO much attention to it.  I also have to set your quilt up downstairs on the other side of the family room, away from the TV.

What you’ve learned:

  • You have figured out that our glasses are not attached to us, and that you can pull them off our face.  You are then, of course, rewarded for it by our surprise, or our grimace, or our “oops!”, so you keep doing it again, and again.  You’re in the grabby/pinchy phases, too, and my cheeks are about to give out. :-)

  • The cats fascinate you.  You watch them as they walk around the room.  You call out when they come near you.  You reach out to touch their fur, so soft…  Thankfully you haven’t grabbed/pinched them yet.  Although luckily, they’re so sweet-natured, you’d only get a handful of fur in response, even if you did.
What we always want to remember:
  • Your first time swimming!  Just in the baby pool in our backyard.  You were not a fan.  But then, it was cold…  So we tried it again on another day, and we let the water warm up all day.  You were not a fan.  LOL  But LOOK HOW CUTE YOU ARE IN YOUR SWIMSUIT!!!
  • You are so cute–you do this great push-up, then see a toy you want, or your brother, or us, or a cat–and get so excited, all your limbs wiggle-wiggle-wiggle at once, and you fall down on your tummy.  Crash landing.  But you’re still so excited over whatever or whoever you saw that caused you to wiggle-wiggle-wiggle, that you don’t care, just give us/them/it a HUGE grin.  SO ADORABLE.

  • Tour de Sissy!  We went on our pilgrimage, to grandparents’ houses and beyond, introducing you to our family and friends.  I’ll do another post about that later. :-)
  • You are blowing raspberries like crazy.  We’re getting fun squeals and real laughs, now, too.  It is hard to tell if the raspberries are a ‘fun’ or ‘frustrated’ sound–but mostly, they seem to be a ‘fun’ one. :-)  Bubby still elicits the best laughs and reactions from you.  HUGE smiles, and you’re reaching for him now, too.

  •  You are an over-achiever–you decided to cut not ONE tooth, but TWO teeth your first time teething.  And you did it on our 2-day return from an 11-day trip around the state, visiting friends and relatives to show you off.  OH.MY.  Poor thing!


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