Baby Baby

Four Months, x2

Little Miss Rufflebottom, two weeks old:

Little Miss Rufflebottom, four months old:

What we’ve learned:

  • Well, my little failsafe to get Sissy to sleep quit working this month.  You no longer fall asleep while nursing.  Even car rides don’t work the magic they used to.  We’re transitioning back to being at home full time, after being in daycare for 2 months, too, and you are having a little trouble figuring out how to sleep during the day here.  I have finally convinced you to take at least a morning nap in the swing, after a week of trying everything at least 3x.  I’ve even managed to get 2 short naps in your bouncy.  We’ll figure it out.
  • You LOVE having your belly scratched.  Or your cheeks nibbled.  Or your chin(s) tickled.  Sweet, smiley baby!
  • You are going through a clingy phase–which probably wouldn’t be that noticeable except I hurt my back at work and so it has been so difficult to pick you up and carry you, many days.  Moby wrap to the rescue!!  I am hoping it stays sort of cool-ish for a bit longer so I can keep trying to use it!

What you’ve learned:

  • Rolling over, from back to front.

  • How to put things in your mouth–ANYthing!  (Which we have to watch very carefully since Bubbaloo is perfectly willing to bring anything TO you and try to put it in your mouth anyway!)  In fact, call us crazy, but we think you’ve been teething most of this past month…  Lots of drool.  Lots of gnawing on fingers and stuffies.  A newfound love for teething rings.

  • That whole ‘controlling-your-hands’ thing is handy for us, because you also rub your eyes now when you’re tired, a nice clear signal to help you take a nap, and we can give you toys–which you can at least sorta-kinda keep ahold of.
What we always want to remember:
  • You’re going to be a tough cookie, your brother is helping…  He loves you, and wants to play with you–so sometimes he gets a little too excited and is too fast or rough with you.  He was bopping you in the face with your peacock toy, over and over–I scramble to get to you, and he’s just giggling and giggling and saying, “kik, kik, kik!”  I snatched the toy away, and said, “Stop!” and then remembered, Little Man says the same thing when he wants me to kiss his boo-boo.  I asked him if the peacock was kissing Sissy, and he said, “Yeah!”  So I showed him how to do it slowly, and gently, and he did it the right way after that.  So I think it’s mostly just a matter of him learning how to play with a baby. :-)
  • I think one of the biggest benefits to my staying home this next year is that I will get to watch your relationship grow as siblings.  Honestly, I hadn’t even thought about it, really, I felt like this was something we as parents would shape and direct–but you two are really forging your own bond, and it’s amazing for this only to watch.  (He is the reason she had lamb stuffies in the picture up top–he saw the lamb on her sleeper and went to bring his two lamb stuffed animals for her to play with.)

  • Your little chuckles, usually elicited by Izzy or Dada, especially when Daddy does an “Amy Attack” on your brother (hand-over-hand combat) ;-).
  • You talk up a STORM to the ceiling fan.  He’s your bestie.
  • You do this cute little stop-nursing-and-break-into-an-adorable-slow-grin thing, I love it. :-)


2 thoughts on “Four Months, x2”

  1. Oh, my, she is growing so much so quicky, AM! Love this wee “talks” you are having with your kiddos. For them to read these over for the millionth time when they are having their own babies will be so magical! This is just priceless!

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