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Onesie Cupcakes (or is that Cupcake Onesies?), via Pinterest

I had a double baby shower at work last week for two good friends.  We’re a little strapped for cash, and so I had to get creative with my presentation.  I dug through my Pinterest Gift Ideas board, picked up a 3-pack of onesies, some jumbo cupcake wrappers, and a pastry box.  I used patterned cardstock from Dollar Tree and my Silhouette to make cupcake wrappers and a cute cupcake card, then tied it all up with some baker’s twine from my scrapbooking stash.


Here’s the original!  You just fold the onesies lengthwise, then roll.  I couldn’t find any socks that would work, so I just used big red pom poms on top for cherries.  The cupcake liners filled the space between the cupcake wrapper and held the onesies in place nicely, but I also put a small piece of scotch tape on the end to hold them together.  They were a hit!  And around $8 for each gift.

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