Baby Baby

Three Months, x2

Baby Girl, one day old

Baby Girl, three months old:

What we’ve learned:

  • You *hate* getting your nose squishied (bulb syringe…)
  • You are also not a fan of the swing, unlike your brother.  You will tolerate it, though, if you must…
  • You will have days where you only take catnaps, and days where you are barely awake for three hours…  You tend to have 1 or 2 very awake days, followed by 1 or 2 almost comatose days.  You aren’t on a schedule yet, although your nighttime sleep is pretty consistent now.  You like to fall asleep around 7:30, eat at 1, 3, and 5:30, then wake around 7:30.  You tend to take a mid morning, mid day, and evening nap, but the timing is still pretty erratic.

What you’ve learned:

  • You are flipping up on your right side!  You can even (just barely) cross your left leg over…  just a little more, and gravity will take care of the rest, and you’ll be rolling over!  (Oooooh, 2 mobile babies??)
  • You are vocalizing with much more variety and range.  You’ve always been pretty expressive, but it is so cute to hear a personality coming out now, too!

What we always want to remember:
  • Your baptism.  It was snowed out last month; this month, we held it on the same day as your brother’s 2nd birthday party.  The grandparents were in, and they, and us, and your godparents all went out for brunch afterwards.  You did pretty well, although you really wanted a nap during pictures. ;-)

  • Your eyelashes are really filling out and growing longer, so beautiful!  Your hair is still dark, and all together with your happy smile, you are the prettiest baby ever!
  • I love how you are grabbing my fingers and cooing and gurgling and raspberrying to me while you sit in your bouncy or on my knees.  Precious, precious girl.  xoxoxox

  • How you survived a weekend home alone with Bubby and Mama.  We made it, somehow, all in one piece.

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