Baby Baby

gTwo Months, x2

Baby Girl, one day old

Baby Girl, two months old:

What we’ve learned:
That having two under two is a blessing.  Not a quiet blessing, nor a calm blessing, but a blessing nonetheless.
You are a much mellower baby than big brother.  We can actually all eat dinner at the same time, unheard of when Little Man was your age.  You hang out in the bouncy, next to the kitchen table, while the 3 of us eat, and we just talk to you and make faces once in awhile, and you are just very happy, hanging out. :-)
You adore your brother.  Your face lights up whenever you catch a glimpse of him (which, sometimes, is all you can catch, because he is on the MOVE! lol).   And the feeling is mutual!  He loves to kiss on you and is learning to imitate your vocalizations like Mama and Dada do, so he can ‘talk’ to you.
You are over, yes, OVER the 97th percentile for your weight at this age.  They just don’t even bother to specify once it gets over 97th, you’re in that little infinite tail at the top end of the bell curve.  And I love it.  I love having a chunkamonk babe, you are so stinkin’ CUTE.

That taking you to daycare was just as gut-wrenching as taking  Bubby.  Except I had less time to wallow in it, since I had to go back to work (bed rest ate up my FMLA).  So you went into full time daycare on my first day back.  I console myself with the knowledge that you’ll have me fulltime in the fall, as I have not renewed my teaching contract and am planning on staying home with you and your brother next year.  xoxox

You are so aware, already.  Just very *with it.*  Less than a week after you turned one month old, you were already showing you understood when your diaper was about to be changed, or you were about to be fed.  It’s very helpful when you cry now, because I can just lay you on the changing pad, or Boppy, or play gym, and if you calm down, I know I’m on the right track.  If not, I just abandon ship and move somewhere else.  LOL

Walks, however, conk you right out, regardless. (Wearing the cutest coat EVER, that your Papa Yount bought just for you.)

What we always want to remember:
Your first Easter. (She’s modeling a onesie from Grandma Robins and the bunny ears from her Easter basket.)

How your baptism got snowed out, the week before Easter.   So you wore your baptism dress for Easter, instead.  It was your church debut, too, so you got lots of adoring visitors stopping by to say hi.
You still have your serious librarian look, much of the time.

How much fun you have in your play gym, batting at objects (the purple and green polka dot ring is your favorite toy, although the crinkly block may be taking first place soon).

How strong you are, already pushing up!

Your dazzling smiles.  I have had little success capturing them on camera, but you zero in on one of us (or occasionally, the lamp or ceiling fan), and this smile starts in your eyes, and soon encompasses your whole face!  So amazing, and you’re starting to give little laughs, too.  And you got your Mama’s googly eye (one eye squishes up more than the other, because one side of our smile hitches up a bit more).


2 thoughts on “gTwo Months, x2”

  1. Oh, Baby! I love it that you are writing to your beautiful daughter. Things she will read, then read again, and yet again! I felt like I was eavesdropping on a conversation your had with her, and I got a bit misty eyed. My baby girl turned 36 in February…how very quickly this time will pass for your as a family. I am so happy that you will be a SAHM next fall! I was able to stay at home when my kids were small, typing papers and briefs for college students during nap time and at night. It’s a struggle, but well worth it! God bless you each and as a family!

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