Baby Baby

One Month, x2

Sissy, one day old:

Sissy, one month old:

What we’ve learned about you:

  • You love to sleep on our chest.
  • You are very concerned about the world around you.  You are my serious girl (that furrowed brow is almost omnipresent).

  • You are a squawker, full of snuffles and snorts and grunts and gurgles.  You are a noisy eater, too, and have earned the nickname Squeaker.
  • You like baths, ahhhhh.  (And your hair has an undeniable wave to it after a bath…  will you have curly hair?)
  • That you love changing tables and changing pads.  When no other baby-soothing trick will do,  sometimes just laying you down on a changing table or changing pad will work some sort of voodoo magic.  And it’s not just any vinyl surface…  For example, when you are in this kind of mood, the pack and play won’t work, even though it’s the same material. :-)

  • You actually sleep on your own sometimes, it’s a shocker! (and no, I don’t leave her on her tummy to sleep, this was just for a photo shoot…)

What I Want to Remember

  • Scrambling to hold you as soon as I could after the birth.
  • The poor timing of your hospital photo shoot…



  • Your sleepy grins

  • Your sweet open-mouthed kisses.
  • How you pull your head up and waaay back, and pull your legs up super tight and streeeeeeeeeeeeetch when we change positions with you when you’re sleeping.
  • Sibling rivalry has already started, with competitive tummy time.

  • How strong you are, my foster mom wrote about how I was holding my head up constantly when on her shoulder, and you have been the same way.  (And a side note, your hair looks a lot like a “mad spider,” as mine did, but then your brother still had dark hair at this point, so who knows if you’re getting that from me!)

  • How, even in the hospital, you would turn to the sound of my voice, and calm when I held you close.  You’re a mama’s girl, much of the time.
  • Your Little Miss Sassypants cough you have that lets know you’re winding up–it’s this cute little scoff to tell us you wont tolerate it, whatever it is.
  • How you reduce my dad, your PaPa, to absolute mush. ;-)

  • Your adorable double chin and chunky monkey thighs.
  • How much Bubby loves being your big brother… He brings you toys, or blankets, or pacifiers when you cry, to try to appease you…  He showers you with kisses whenever he can get close enough to you, and requests to see you before he leaves the house, as soon as he gets home, before he goes to bed, after his bath…  He loves you so so much.


2 thoughts on “One Month, x2”

  1. The pictures are just amazing. You seem to capture with your camera a moment, not a scene! I love that you write to your daughter, not to this audience. It allows us to eavesdrop on tender moments. Thanks for that!

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