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The Birth, Part 3 (and the end!)

I never did get around to finishing the story of Bubby’s birth.  (Here is Part 1 and Part 2 if you’re interested…)  I figured now was a good time to finish this story, because in less than a month, I will have yet ANOTHER birth story to share with you! :-D


Really, there isn’t much left to tell.  I was well into the transition phase, verging on being able to push, and was beyond comfort measures, I just needed to get in a position and GO.  I felt like it was time to push before they would let me–my doctor hadn’t arrived yet, and they wanted me to wait for him, but that’s just ridiculous.  When it’s time, it’s time, and especially without an epidural, I could definitely understand what my body was telling me!  {436737f2-c9b8-4377-9c43-59a6e685f49b}_5BW

I had a hard time pushing.  By the time my doctor arrived, I was beyond ready to get down to business and get this baby out…  I had many uncomfortable and intensifying Braxton-Hicks leading up to the birth, and so had a little technique down for breathing through the tension and peak of the contraction.  I used it well during early labor.  The problem now was that I was continuing to use it.  It took at least a half hour of me pushing ineffectively before someone finally told me I needed to hold my breath and use that to bear down during my pushing.  Oh!  That would have been good to know!  I was still having difficulty, just could not figure out the correct muscles to engage.  Our doula finally whipped out the rebozo, tied a knot in it and told me to hang on.  I would pull with all my might during the wave of the contraction against her weight on the other end.  This helped so much!  It was still a long process, one which I hope to be much better at this time, but those two things helped immensely.  I wore her out, eventually the nurse had to switch out with her to keep going.{436737f2-c9b8-4377-9c43-59a6e685f49b}_6BW

All in all, it took 2.5 hours of pushing to bring Izzy into this world.  (He is of course, worth it!)  We found out that would have been ample time to have an epidural after all!  But I did feel pretty dang “I can conquer anything” after giving birth without drugs…  Overall, my doula was so happy about my birth, and the more I have reflected on it, I realize how right she is.  I got everything I wanted in this experience!  I got to use my music, I had the majority of my early and even active labor at home, no drugs, wear what I wanted, etc.  This was an amazing, magical time for our family, and I absolutely love looking back at these pictures…  I can’t believe so much time has passed already.  He will be 21 months in a few days!




1 thought on “The Birth, Part 3 (and the end!)”

  1. A trip down Memory Lane both for you and for me, AM! I, too, count my daughter’s birth as one of the high points of my life! I am excited about the upcoming birth and look forward to seeing pictures here! Breathe….oh, wait. DON’T breathe! ;-)

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