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Lincoln Park LO

On 2Peas, someone remarked how they write a little note on the back of each layout they complete.  Something completely unrelated to the layout, but about the moment it was finished, along the lines of, “It’s a rainy Saturday, you and Dad just returned from the movies, and we’re having game night tonight.”  Kind of bonus memory-keeping, if you will.  She imagines that one day her kids will notice it, and have a great time flipping through all the layouts, finding her little notes, and reminiscing.  I love that, and I plan on doing that from now on.  I think I might do it with my blog posts, too.  So my aside for today:  It’s a gorgeous day for November, I’m on bedrest with Baby Beanette, and am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving, just the 3.5 of us, later this week.

Lincoln Park LO by VexedAngel

This is the danger of waiting too long to scrap photos…  I loved the pictures, but baby brain ensured I couldn’t remember where we were (And Ali, if you’re reading this, and I’m wrong, don’t tell me, I can’t re-do it now! lol), so had to do serious recon work to figure it out.  And I probably had enough to say that I could have made a 2 page layout with some extensive journaling, but let the design part get to me and I crammed a couple sentences onto some journaling spots and called it done. :-/  But you know my philosophy, done is done, and I can always add more journaling to the back.

Lincoln Park Close-up, LO by VexedAngel

I actually really like how this layout turned out.  I used some older MM paper, I figured a travel line was appropriate for, you know, traveling…  And I like how the collage patterned paper makes it look like I did a bit more work than I remotely actually did.  I went with arrows as my embellishment of choice (get it, stroll through…  travel… motion…  arrows… eh, I think it works).  Between this and one I’ve been working on for the duration of my bedrest (3 weeks now), I will have seriously depleted my arrow embellishment stash (wait ’til you see it, I think it’s turning out fun!).  Good thing Silhouette’s having their Black Friday shape sale, I’ve got a 12 arrow set on my wishlist so I can replenish. :-) I liked that I made a good dent in my letter sticker stash, too.  Then I used a strip of patterned paper over some Studio Calico scalloped woodgrain tissue border–I love that tissue stuff, so cool-looking (even though I practically buried it on this layout), and a fun texture.  TFL!

3 thoughts on “Lincoln Park LO”

  1. This is such a great layout.
    I like the idea of the hidden journaling on the back of the layout.
    I have heard of some re-doing their old layouts. I could never do this as looking at mine, not only brings back memories of what they layout is about, but also who was with me when I made the layout or where I was…double memories :)

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