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Movin’ on Up LO

This is from the same trip as the Let’s Go to the Park LO.  We were visiting a very non-baby-proofed house.  We spent a lot of time OUTSIDE the house, going to the park, visiting the Bass Pro Shop, eating out… But one of the few things Bubby could do while at our friends’ house was to climb the stairs.  And that’s what we did.  Well, he went up.  He hadn’t mastered down yet.  So over and over and over again, he would crawl all the way up, try to pet the very shy cat, and jump into one of our arms so we could carry him back down and start all over again.  Cutie.

Movin' On Up LO by VexedAngel

Faux stitching with a brown pen, mitred corners to make that green plaid paper go further (same $3 kit as the Impromptu Peekaboo LO), vellum overlay for the fun laser cut circle paper, and trimmed, stickled, matted, and popped stickers for embellishments.

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