Baby, Multiphoto

Hushabye LO

We did lots of rocking you to sleep.  Lots and lots and lots.  And I loved it.  :-)  So much that here is the second layout (and ending with “-abye” too, just for good measure, ha) featuring your sweet sleepy self.  I especially love these pictures, unflattering angle and all, because I’m the one holding you.  Love this memory.

I scraplifted this layout from Pinterest.  I really wanted to mist some tissue paper and make those flowers, but I somehow didn’t have any white tissue paper, so subbed in the ribbon.  I wanted to try the confetti look, but I think I may have to actually buy a confetti punch.  I got bored too quickly punching holes with my CAD.  LOL  The banner flags were scraps still on my desk.  Did a little misting with a polka dot mask for the background.  If I did it again, I would have the ribbon coming onto the page from the right instead, and notch the banner end on the left.  OR I would switch the direction for the scattering of confetti and sequins.  I think those changes would make it more balanced and give it better flow…  but considering I got this done in a naptime (except the misting that I started the night before), I’m okay with it. :-)

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