Scrapbooking, UFOs


I don’t know who first coined this term, but I love it. UFO=UnFinished Object. :-) There is a monthly thread at 2Peas re: these, I am trying to decide if I’ll participate in that or just do it here. I have so many of these laying around. So I decided this would be the summer to finish them off! My goal is one a week. Here are the UFOs I’ll be working with.

This was from one of the last major bike rides T got to do, it was called Tornado Alley and started and ended in Joplin. Obviously, this was before the tragic, destructive tornado that swept through Joplin shortly after Sweetpea was born. I kind of wonder if they’ll ever have it again, you know?

Bubby’s Christmas pic with Santa. I have a plan for almost everything, but need the time to cut it out on the Silhouette. I’ve gotten a lot better at using it, so probably won’t take as long as I think, but I’ve been putting it off.

I started this, going off an Allison Davis sketch… but then I decided not to scrap the pictures I was going to use. But it’s a cute background, I’m sure I’ll find something with Bubbaloo’s pictures that will work.

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what this was going to be. Maybe something about work? I’ve got a few options on what it could be about now, so will have to dig through my pics and see what will work.

This one suffered from lack of purpose. I just wanted to scrap the photos, I like them. But there was no real reason for it, and I couldn’t come up with a title or journaling because of that. I think I’ve figured out a solution, just have to tackle it.

I love these pictures, hate the background. It was just not working, so I set it aside. And now… it’s still not working! But I have a solution, in the form of sketches, I know they’ll fix my problem, just have to pick one.

You might remember this from Tour de Bubby, last July. I had a 12×12 collage printed at CostCo. Trying to decide if I’m going to cut them up and scrap them on a 2 page layout, or make a 1 page layout to go facing this page? Hmmmmmm.

This was a beautiful little stop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming: St. John’s Labyrinth. I had major problems cutting the title, just couldn’t find a good font. I’ve found 2 new free font sites (Fontsner and Fonts101/) so am ready to tackle it again.

This one… I knew when I scrapped it I was missing a pic. And sure enough, I found it later. So I either need to somehow squeeze another photo on, or just re-do it completely.

This was one of the signs on Bubby’s stroller when we walked in the fall parade with our daycare here in town. I saved it, not sure if I would salvage elements from it to make a layout, or if I would just stick it straight in a page protector. Still trying to decide.

What about you, any UFOs? Any good intentions?

4 thoughts on “UFOs”

  1. That UFO term is new to me, but I totally understand it! I guess I like to think of mine as “works in progress.” And, yes, I do have them. Like you, some just waiting for the right photos. Other, a title would finish it off! One day, I will finish them! One day. . . . .

    1. Oh, my scraproom is FULL of UFO’s. I have also decided to concentrate on finish some of them up and put them into albums. Most of my layouts are lacking titles and journaling…which shouldn’t be too hard to do, but then if they were so easy they would have been finished years ago right?

  2. I made the mistake of making a drawer called Unfinished (I’ll have to change the name). Big mistake. I even have some unfinished digital layouts that I plan to put in regular scrapbooks but have never gotten around to printing (or printed more than once because I forgot I already printed out and put in the Unfinished drawer.

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