Dinosaurs at Crown Center

There is a free exhibit going on at Crown Center this summer.  We took advantage of it Friday, hoping it was still early enough in the season that parents weren’t desperate for entertainment and wouldn’t be there in droves.  Wow, were we wrong.  It was a MADHOUSE.  Bubbaloo was overstimulated within 5 seconds of going in the room.  But we still managed to enjoy most of the exhibit before meltdown time.  :-)  What was so cool about this exhibit was how kid-friendly it was.  All sorts of things to touch, and crawl on and under and through, and climb…  the dino nest was my favorite.  I think he would have enjoyed it more, too, if there weren’t kind of a line going for it. :-)  I think his favorite was the light box they could crawl in.  He happily played there for quite awhile.

We chilled out afterwards with a snack out in the concourse, watching the fountains, and then went up to the Crayola store and bought him a set of baby crayons (My First Crayons).  We haven’t tried them out yet, but he has played with them and really liked them.  Also, Thomas pointed out I had the perfect paper for scrapping these pics, so I am already working on it.  But MAN it is NOT WORKING.  Longtimers might remember my bird poop layout on my last blog?  It’s like that.

2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs at Crown Center”

  1. I do *so* remember the “bird poop” layout from the old daze! Love these photos–and love that Thomas was behind the camera this time so that you are in the photos! And, oh, yes! I do remember overstimulation–and my babies are now in their 40’s! Still, it’s worth it! Great memories–if not for Bubby, for you an Thomas! lol

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