A Trip to the Park, Springfield-style

We went to Springfield for a quick overnight visit on Memorial Day. Our good friends Mark and Didi settled down there after college. Didi is a journalist and recently got a job with the Associated Press, based in China. This is a pretty big deal for her since she is Chinese and hasn’t been living in her native country for–man, I don’t even know. At least over a decade. We didn’t get to see her before she had to leave, but Mark has stayed behind to sell the house and cars (more on that another day) before he joins her. We managed to drive to Springfield on Monday to say goodbye, with a Bubby in tow who slept soundly almost the entire way there. Once we arrived, we visited a huge park just down the street from Mark and Didi’s house.

Bubby bonded fairly quickly with Mark, bringing him all sorts of gifts from the playground.  There was also this super cool alligator there.  Perfect for climbing over:

Piling wood chips on:

Or just contemplating life with:

Of course, we love to swing whenever we get the chance…

But it didn’t last long that day, it was hot and we were thirsty and it was time to head back to the house.

As a side note, I did realize about 10 minutes after arriving at the park that while the light colors were perfect for playing outside on a hot summer day, the NICE WHITE POLO was NOT PERFECT for a dusty playground.  LOL  Oh, well, wish me luck with the laundry.

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