1st Trip to Lambert’s

If you don’t know what Lambert’s is, well, check this link. They are a popular restaurant (so popular it’s common to wait 2 hours for a table) based near where I grew up with VERY generous portions, free pass-arounds that include all sorts of southern yummy, and their hallmark?  Gigantic rolls that are delivered to your table via slow pitch.  Yes, you are responsible for catching your own free range throwed rolls.  lol They are SO yummy, and it’s fun.  Every little bit, some guy comes around, pushing a cart and yelling, “Throwed rolls!  Get your throwed rolls!” and you hold up your hands if you want one.  (If you’re chicken, you can wait ’til they’re right by your table, but they’ll still gently toss it to you.  ha)

First taste of one…

They’re a hit!

They keep balloons tied all around to the back of the booths to give away to kids.  We were seated next to another family with a baby in a high chair.  They had the cutest toddler conversation. 

Other Bubby:  ::waves at Izzy:: “Hi, there, stranger.”

Bubbaloo:  ::waves back:: “Well, hello.”

Other Bubby: ::points to balloons:: “Did you see, they have those cool floaty things?”

Bubbaloo: ::points to balloons and says, “Da!” (his word for balloons for some reason)  “YAY COOL FLOATY THINGS!” 

Other Bubby:  ::smiles and waves at Izzy again:: “Word.”

All of this carefully timed to finish roughly around his naptime before we left town, ensuring we had a pretty peaceful ride.  First, we dropped off Uncle Mark (one of T’s best friends from college) back at his house in Springfield.  It was his first time to meet Bubbaloo, and Bubby loved him.  I’ll try to share some more pics from our trip later this week.  Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend.

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