1st Trip to the Nelson

We’ve been to the Kemper Art Museum over spring break, but missed the Nelson since I forgot to check and it was closed that day!  So when our air conditioner went out, this was the first place we thought of. :-)

Bubby was quick to discover the awesome acoustics of the Bloch Building.  There was a Rodin exhibit going on here.  It really made me want to reread Dante’s Inferno, so I’m downloading it to read on our upcoming summer trips.

Then, Little Man picked out a toy from the gift shop.  Thomas and I both took turns walking the gift shop with him, and he LOVED this thing both times, and was not the least little bit interested in anything else.  He’s still playing with it, so WIN!  It’s cute, called “The SKWISH,” and is made up of a cluster of wooden dowels, beads, and heavy duty elastic string so that it can bounce, roll, and–you guessed it–squish.

We looked at a little art, both in the sculpture park and inside before making a pit stop for some milk from the cafe. Wait…  Where’d Bubby go?

THERE he is!!!

This fun round of impromptu peekaboo began to devolve into a refusing-to-nap-meltdown, so we hightailed it to one of T’s friends’ houses to nab a portable A/C for our basement.  Where we’ve been camping out ever since.  They are supposed to call us on Tuesday to schedule a time to come fix it.  The earliest will be Friday.  Cross your fingers!!

1 thought on “1st Trip to the Nelson”

  1. What joy there is in the face of this child! I remember that you had some struggles in the beginning wondering if you should raise this child as others said you should or whether you should raise him as you were inspired. I am so glad that you chose the latter! What a joy-full child you have raised!

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