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Let’s Get Ready to…TUMBLE!

ETA: I forgot to mention–Did you like the title? A Pea helped me come up with it. I think it was Julie, aka TravelAgent. Thank you, it is perfect, and so cute.

I have been working on this layout for a couple months…  since mid-March.  I took a number of time-saving measures, and it STILL took that long!  How long would it have taken without?  lol  I used the DCWV All About Boys stack for quick and easy coordinating, and an Allison Davis sketch to make the design work painless.  The thing that took the longest was creating the banner.  First I cut apart a piece of the DCWV paper (the one with the multipatterned blocks), trimmed them all down to the same rectangular size, and then used a square punch to create the notches.  Then I hand-stitched it on–that REALLY took some time, especially in little 5 minute snippets, which is all I ever had I think. :-)

Here are some close-ups (or you can click on the top picture to see it bigger):

The journaling reads: “Evan’s 5th birthday was held at a gymNastics place. You had the best time.  We were worried there wouldn’t be appropriate things for a bubby to play on or with, but we found lots of fun places for you to explore. You loved to walkand falland crawland tumble on the giant foam mats covering the entire warehouse floor.  You also got to climb up shallow inclines, through short tunnels, and across big foam platforms a few feet off the floor (Daddy was rigHtthere!).  It was so much fun watching You have fun. And everybody was surprised you were such a goOdwalkeRalready! Love you, little man. xOXox”

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to…TUMBLE!”

  1. I followed the Two Peas link to see how you used a mixed alphabet … and there was the tumbling page we discussed! So thanks for both sharing your secret and showing how that finished product came out. Julie, aka Travel Agent!

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